Seagate Announces 2 TB NAS

Seagate has announced the Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition dual-drive network storage server.

The Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition is a network accessible storage solution for businesses, featuring dual 1 TB hard drives, for up to 2 TB of total storage or 1 TB of mirrored data. In the case of one of the drives failing, the mirrored drive will instantly be available, without interruption and without data loss. The drive n can automatically backup a small network of up to 20 PCs and Macs to one central, safe location, taking the complexity out of responsible data protection. The included software wizard helps businesses schedule backups and allows for easy data restoration if necessary.

Seagate’s new drive features a Gigabit Ethernet port, along with two USB 2.0 ports. The USB ports can be used to connect additional external drives, allowing for off-site data rotation, and to connect a USB printer, for network printer sharing. The drive offers secure web access that requires no client software and provides the ability to invite select clients to view, download or upload securely via the Web. Another nifty ability of the the drive is the Drag and Sort feature that allows documents to be dragged onto the Central Axis icon, which then organizes the files automatically, placing them in the appropriate shared folders.

The Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition comes with two easy-to-swap, 7200 RPM, SATA II hard drives, the Maxtor Manager Software, a Quick Start Guide, a CD User Guide, an Ethernet Cable and a 5-year Limited Warranty. The Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition is UPnP AV 1.0 compliant, to allow for potential media streaming, it weighs in at 6.70-pounds and it has a dimensional size of 7.4 x 2.0 x 11.5-inches. The new NAS is available for pre-order from the Maxtor Website, with a price tag of $479.99. For home users, the more affordable Maxtor Central Axis 1TB network storage server is available online for as low as $239.

  • H8ff0000
    Why is this so expensive?
  • And this is new how? i've been using Netgear 2Tb NAS at work now for months, and just got a Netgear 4Tb NAS last week.