Metro: Last Light Will Not Ship with Multiplayer

Ukrainian developer 4A Games is reneging on promises of a Metro: Last Light multiplayer experience. Instead, the developer is going to focus its efforts on making a more solid single player campaign.

"Your response to our E3 demo made it very clear that although there was a lot of interest and intrigue around Metro’s multiplayer," wrote the developer on the official Metro site. "the single player campaign is what the fanbase cares about the most."

However, fans looking forward to the possibility of a Metro multiplayer need not despair… yet. Though the game won't be shipping with multiplayer, 4A isn't completely sloughing off the single player: "Right now we’re 100% focused on the single player campaign and not thinking beyond that. We don’t like throwing away work though, it’s a project we could potentially return to after Metro: Last Light ships." So… while it sounds highly unlikely, there's still a slim, slim chance that 4A may end up working on a multiplayer component after all.

With all the talk that the developer only ever dedicated few resources to the multiplayer, one wonders if such a decision to scrap multiplayer completely may have actually been a decision based off of Last Light's publisher, THQ. For the past year, THQ has been financially bereaved (though signs of its financial dire straits have been evident for quite a while), leading to the company formulating a reverse stock split to prevent the company from being delisted from NASDAQ and the election of ex-Naughty Dog Jason Rubin to the executive spot that ex-VP of Core Games Danny Bilson held. After thinning its ranks of employees and Darksiders II's somewhat-decent sales, THQ's managed to get itself back in the black. However, a Metro: Last Light multiplayer experience is probably cutting into precious capital that THQ can't spare (though, spending the original resources for the project can't have been cheap either.)

The good news is that with the developer's focus on the single player campaign, Metro: Last Light is still on track to release early 2013 for Windows, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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  • cuecuemore
    I think I can speak for all of us when I say I'm VERY surprised!
  • tomfreak
    Skyrim already prove that being single player only can still sell pretty well. Too bad those scums like EA/Activision Blizzard still think bringing/converting single player game ex.Simcity/Diablo3 to always online/multiplayer can boost sales combat piracy.
  • frombehind
    pff multilayer is irrelevant for this title, Co-op will be bad-ass, but full multilayer is unnecessary.
  • assasin32
    Well at least it doesn't sound like their going to have half the game as day 1 DLC for $15 a piece so the real full game price is $100 plus. I am expecting EA to pull this crap though within the next year or two ($100 price point for game + all current DLC on games release not future DLC in the works)
  • how about a gpu that can run it 45+ fps @high settings and doesn't cost as much as the rest of my system?
  • ojas
    looniamhow about a gpu that can run it 45+ fps @high settings and doesn't cost as much as the rest of my system?I think you'll have to ask nvidia/amd for that :P
  • robthatguyx
    i could care less as long as the single player is as good or exceeds the first game
  • kcorp2003
    I would like co-op with this game, if they can do it.
  • bryonhowley
    That is the best news I have had all weekend! The last thing I want is more multiplayer/co-op crap. Single player is the only way to play a game.
  • Onikage
    Great News Indeed !! Single player is the way to go! even in our times.
    but wait a second , didnt Cevat Yerli(Crytek) said that Crysis 3 will melt our PC's ??
    Yeah well Yerli ,get in line, cause Metro LL will turn our PC's into dust first !
    Hope my7970 GE will survive Metro LL