Microsoft Poaches Apple Retail Staff

Microsoft is gearing up to open some brick and mortar retail stores and it seems the company is poaching staff from Apple stores.

Back in July, Microsoft announced that the first of its retail stores would open in the fall. Next, Microsoft confirmed that it would be opening several branches in locations not too far away from Apple retail stores. A couple of weeks later it emerged that Microsoft had hired a former Apple retail executive to George Blankenship. Considered Apple's 'real estate guru,' Microsoft said Blankenship would be working alongside David Porter, the former Wal-Mart executive the company had appointed to head its retail endeavor.

Moving in next-door and executive adoptions aside, you've got the store designs (which are said to be very similar) and Microsoft's "Guru Bars." This brings us quite nicely to today's news, which says Microsoft is trying to lure away Apple employees by offering positions to Apple store managers. Once hired, the managers then contact top sales staff and try and convince them to jump ship and join Microsoft.

How is Microsoft tempting these Apple employees over to the dork side? With money! Yay! The Loop, which broke the story yesterday, cites sources who say the managers contacts have been offered "significant raises" and in some cases, Microsoft has even offered to cover moving expenses.

Read the full story here.

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  • valcron
    Hmm so what? Is this supposed to matter.

    If apple doesn't pay their employee's enough to keep them or garner enough employee loyalty through rewards programs its their own fault for their employees leaving.

    At the same time if i were these employee's i would be weary...companies are known to put strong goals on retail employees that determine if they keep their jobs. And i can see Microsoft putting some of the hardest goals out there, especially due to the pay increase/moving expense.
  • doomtomb
    It's pretty amazing that Microsoft has made it to the top and stayed there with such an overwhelming lead over the competition with the Windows platform. And the whole while, many years later after launching their first product they are actually opening up a retail store... I look forward to seeing them in person. But no doubt this is because of the competition with Apple.
  • tektek
    The only market strategy i want to hear about is when it forces them to cut prices... how they make there shops look.. means nothing.. besides... most techies buy from online..