VIDEO: Microsoft Employees Dance at Customers

Anyone who's been had to dance or sing as part of their job will have no trouble sympathizing with these Microsoft employees from the Mission Vejo store.

This video kind of reminds me of a really rubbish job I had when I was 14-years-old. For about two quid an hour, I supervised the 'Toddler Village' in a play/adventure center that did parties for the under 12's. Part of my job was to act like I gave a damn while performing song-and-dance routines to the tune of Agadoo and other songs that I couldn't stand (I probably had as much enthusiasm as this guy).

I wonder if these guys are as unhappy as I was? I'd go with yes, considering singing and dancing was actually in my job description and it almost certainly isn't in this case. I'm guessing the girl in green is responsible because she seems to be leading the dance and is constantly offering encouragement like, "C'mon do it, do it, do it!"

Now the only question is, are those regular folk in civvies actually joining in or are they Microsoft plants?

  • tipoo
    This is why I shop online.
  • neilnh
    Good job fighting the "Apple is cooler" image MS.
  • counselmancl
    That video was about 4 minutes and forty seconds too long.
  • g0rilla
    It reminds me of those commercials that Hardee's (Carl's Jr) ran a while back:
  • Parsian
    Gosh, everybody in that video is "FAT". Obesity is taking over!
  • darkxuy
    I wonder if Microsoft knows about this.. high at work?
  • blueer03
    That was painful. If I was there when they started doing that, I would leave and never go back.
  • itadakimasu
    Facepalm for sure. I would quit before being forced to dance in a retail store.

    so... is this going to air on tv? i hope not.
  • enzo matrix
    That was the lamest dance I have ever seen.
  • bin1127
    Microsoft, you try too hard. Just write a better windows.