NYC Microsoft Store Coming Next Year?

There are not a lot of Microsoft stores in the country. In fact, there are only seven in total. These are located in Scottsdale, Mission Viejo, Lone Tree, San Diego, Oak Brook, Bloomington and Bellevue.

When Microsoft opened its first brick and mortar retail store in Scottsdale, many were surprised the company didn't choose a bigger city for its first location. Still, if recent rumors prove to be true, it seems Microsoft may soon add a New York City Microsoft store to its list of locations.

Mary Jo Foley over at All About Microsoft cites a source in reporting that, with every location, Microsoft has tried to locate its shop near the local Apple store. Foley's source went on to say that Microsoft is planning about six more stores for 2011 and one of them is going to be in New York. Apple currently has four stores in Manhattan, one each in SoHo, 14th St, Upper West Side, and, of course, the famous 24-hour location on Fifth Ave.

Also rumored to be on the 2011 schedule are Orlando and Houston Microsoft stores.

  • dogman_1234
    ...Lord have mercy on our souls.
  • gamebrigada
    God put one in Seattle, your home damn city!!!
  • compfreak93
    When are they going to put one in the Bay Area?
  • sudeshc
    I wish they think about other countries as well and open one in India.
  • Benihana
    They'll probably have a nerd bar or something, and have a dork platoon that goes to your house in suspenders and scion xB's.
  • dEAne
    They should also try other countries as well.
  • miloo
    lol i went in to a microsoft store before
    seems like they try to copy apple store

    and they are selling shit in there, mainly xbox 360 and their own OS
    nothing more ~ i dont see why they need to open a retail store ~

  • phosun3000
    They should one up applea and hire strippers to greet you because that's the only way I'm going into one.
  • jgutz2006
    its been here a while but the one in the Mall of America is directly across from the apple store and on these holiday weekends the place is a ZOO, while the apple store is moderately filled at most, i wanted to take a picture showing the volume of people in each. Apple has huge tables filled with a single item, like an ipad whereas Microsoft has laptops from every vendor under the sun, Surface tables so it is FAR more interesting than the clean, minimalistic look of the apple store
  • r_pad
    miloolol i went in to a microsoft store beforeseems like they try to copy apple storeand they are selling shit in there, mainly xbox 360 and their own OSnothing more ~ i dont see why they need to open a retail store ~
    Haven't been to one, but this is what i would imagine.

    Kinda useless. Apple hardly has snything in it's store but can offer more than microsoft. *more junk*