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Microsoft Now Recruiting for Windows 8

CodenameWindows discovered that Microsoft was recruiting new software engineers for Windows 8. The job listing, originally listed here, now shows that the job is no longer available. However, it revealed that Microsoft sought out new recruits for the planning and preparation of the Windows Update Client for Windows 8.

"We just finished up work on Windows 7, and are pushing forth on Windows 8 planning and preparation," the description read. "There are opportunities to work on a number of hard problems, including third-party application updating, updating virtual machines while they’re turned off (turns out this is pretty hard!), and delivering full applications, among others."

Just to provide an idea what Microsoft was looking for, the job required five years of industry experience, and a BS or greater in Computer Science or related technical fields. Obviously, the job listing indicates that Microsoft may be gearing up to develop Windows 8 despite version 7 just now hitting store shelves last month. It's unknown when the job was filled, or if Microsoft will post other Windows 8-related listings.

Keep an eye out for additional Windows 8 nuggets, possibly in the coming weeks as news of the job listing gets passed around the tech sites.

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