Microsoft's EU Hearing Scheduled for June

The European Union issued a preliminary Statement of Objections in January, claiming the company’s practices "undermine product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice." MS responded late in April but the details of the company’s response are not yet known.

European Commission spokesperson, Jonathan Todd told Reuters that the closed hearing will commence on June 3 and run through to June 5. "It will be an opportunity for Microsoft to state orally the arguments they outlined in their response to the statement of objections," he said.

The Commission claims that bundling IE with Windows, the most popular operating system, is anticompetitive. The charges have been criticized on some levels, given that Apple is guilty of the same actions but is not under EU scrutiny.

A couple of you suggested some pretty decent ways to resolve the situation. Among them was offering a basic version of IE that had access to Microsoft updates, the Microsoft site and a shared site paid for by all players in the browser industry, containing brief descriptions and respective download links. Another reader suggested that Microsoft install Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, (all told less than 100MB of data) and run the user through a selection wizard when they first connect to the web.

Have you got a better suggestions as to how this situation could be resolved? Leave your thoughts below.

Cheers to jeraldjunkmail and tpi2007 for the solutions offered above.

  • tenor77
    Anyone else feel like the EU is like an unstable girlfriend? You never know what's going to set them off.
  • JMcEntegart
    tenor77Anyone else feel like the EU is like an unstable girlfriend? You never know what's going to set them off.
  • starryman
    tenor77Anyone else feel like the EU is like an unstable girlfriend? You never know what's going to set them off.
    I agree! If they don't like Windows then don't use it. Ultimately they are looking for a way to get leverage or advantage. If the EU wins, all Americans (whether you like MS or not), lose. As of late it's always EU vs. USA. Thought we were allies? I guess they forgot Normandy.
  • dman3k
    Solution, kill the web browser.

    Fully integrate the "web browsing" experience into the functions of the operating system.

    The browser war is a meaningless battle.
  • mrhappy50
    they need to STOP COMPLAINING!!!! use a browser that you like. no one is making you use IE.
  • All Operating systems come with browsers included.

    How else would we get online to download the browser of our choice if the browser wasn't included?

    Years ago, you could easily log into a BBS using a Terminal Client to download programs, but these days, BBS's are few and far between unless you count such as AOHell.

    You don't see the EU sueing Apple, RedHat, Sun or any of the other OS creators and Lord help us if they went after any of the Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Knoppix or any of the others.
  • kittle
    somebody had a good suggestion a while back -- MS should take their OS out of the EU marketplace.

    It still seems like a good idea seeing as the EU appearts to be constantly comming up with more stuff to throw at MS.
  • bucifer
    I have no problem with IE. Yes it is a piece of junk that brought Windows a lot of security holes but it helped me get Firefox(or other get whatever browser they use). So what if a vast majority still uses IE, they should be happy they have a browser to use. It's not MS fault that they don't know any better. Any decent PC users should know how to install a browser of their preference. If not it only their fault.

    On the other hand MS is wrong because they haven't made possible for users to completely remove IE. The good thing is that they are doing it with Win7 so everyone should be satisfied. So IE will be completely optional which is THE BEST thing to do. I don't agree with people saying MS shouldn't include any browser at all(why not) or all browsers(that was kind of a dumb suggestion)

    I am also curios why Apple is getting away with it's Safari. Justice for all right?

    @starryman Keep your comments on the topic dude or go make a play about history. This has nothing to do with EU vs US
  • "If the EU wins, all Americans (whether you like MS or not), lose"

    If the EU wins, all Americans wins too, Microsoft will think twice next time they try to monopolize any market.
  • Simple solution for Microsoft, plead guilty / no contest or whatever to EU, and run an automatic update to un-install IE from all MS OS versions currently running in the EU, see how 70% of users enjoy their government complaining about bundled software then.