LaCie CloudBox Stores Data Locally & in Cloud

Earlier this week, LaCie revealed a hybrid network-based storage device that backs up data both locally and to the cloud. Called the CloudBox, it initially uploads up to 100 GB of data over a long (long) period of time. After that, new and altered files are backed up on a daily basis.

"Just copy and paste your files to your CloudBox, and they will automatically be backed up online daily," reads the product description. "It’s that simple: your data is backed up on a local hard drive and again in the cloud for double protection. The CloudBox includes a one-year online backup contract for 100 GB, which can be easily renewed."

As previously started, the CloudBox connects to an existing home or business network. Using the provided software, consumers then back up their data to the device's internal 100 GB HDD. The CloudBox then silently uploads all that data on its own, leaving the end-user free to shut down the computer or play long stretches of Farmville uninterrupted.

As CNET points out, backing up 100 GB of data will seemingly take forever. For example, a dedicated, full T1 upload connection (1.5 Mbps) would take around one week to completely upload the entire load. In the real world, a non-dedicated T1 connection will likely take 30 to 60 days to upload 100 GB worth of data. Still, once everything is backed up in the cloud, users can "set it and forget it" until they need to retrieve the data again in case of damage or theft... as long as the subscription is kept active, that is.

According to Lacie, the CloudBox features military-grade 128-bit AES encryption. "Your password is truly secure and not stored online, so no one - not even LaCie - can access your online backup. What’s more, every file is encrypted with military-grade 128-bit AES before being uploaded," the company said. "You can be confident that all of your data is safe and secure in the cloud, no matter what happens to the CloudBox itself."

The LaCie CloudBox hasn't arrived here in the States as of this writing, but interested consumers can head here to sign up for notification when it arrives. The device will sport a $199.99 pricetag, compatibility with both PC and Mac machines, a 2-year warranty and a free subscription for one year. After that, users will be required to shell out $100 per year for the 100 GB cloud storage.

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  • rohitbaran
    It is expensive, $100 a year for 100 GB. Well, cloud services will get cheaper with time hopefully. Nice concept though!
  • Gamer-girl
    mozy already does this, you can use any external hard or usb stick.
  • someguynamedmatt
    ...or, I could just have my data happily humming beside me in a RAID 10 array, and not give these people any of my money whatsoever. That sounds like a better plan to me. I've got bigger things to worry about if my system spontaneously combusts.