Nvidia to Rename GeForce Models at CeBIT

A leaked circular issued by Nvidia says that the company will display the upcoming GeForce GTS 250. It sure looks purdy!

EXPreview threw up a poll yesterday, asking its readers about whether renaming the G92 series is a wise decision or not. But what followed the poll was information based on a leaked circular authored by Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia, claiming that the new GeForce GTS 250 graphics card will be officially announced on the first Tuesday of March during CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, Germany. However, the card isn't exactly new so to speak, and Nvidia's practice in rebranding versions of existing models is nothing new either.

“GeForce GTS 250 carries over the same specs and features of 9800 GTX+, and hence the same GPU, memory, board, PCB, and thermal solution," states Nvidia in the circular. "AIC’s should be confident in purchasing GPU’s, PCB’s, and other materials, since the only change is a new VBIOS to implement the new branding”

Originally released last year on July 11, the 9800 GTX+ featured improvement in processing and frequency over its predecessor, the 55 nm GeForce 9800GTX, and set its sights to compete with AMD/ATI's Radeon HD4850 graphics card. However, holding the circular to its word, the new GTS 250 should be identical to the 9800GTX+ save for an updated BIOS and different packaging. Additionally, the 8800GT will be renamed as well, sporting the new GTS 240 title.

Although renaming the series might indicate the company's focus on the mainstream and entry-level markets during economically hard times, some fear that the name change will only confuse customers.

  • hairycat101
    So, would this card SLI with the 9800 GTX+ then? Bet not... That way they can sell more re-branded stuff. I like Nvidia, but I really don't appriciate the way they rename old cards instead of making new ones for lower levels.
  • tenor77
    Yeah I don't know what it is, but I always buy ATI/AMD. Well yeah actually I do, I like an underdog and they're always the best bang for the buck.

    CeBiscuit???? That's what comes to mind when I see it anyway
  • kansur0
    It is hard enough keeping track of what cards are faster than others. I read Tom's every day and read every benchmark comparison on new products. If I go down the list and see new names my frame of reference is completely blown. Besides reading this...how will I know what is what?

    The last thing you want to do is make things confusing for the people who are trying to make a price/performance decision. That is exactly what they are doing. Is it enough to push them towards a competitor (ATI?)...probably not. What would be great is an explanation from nVidia as to the logic for the renaming scheme.

    Die shrinks seem to be the new thing for incremental product advancements. Why not just add "40nm" to the products original design name? It makes the product name longer...but clarifies exactly what that product is instantly.
  • eklipz330
    "this just in:

    nVidia's NOT renaming this time..."

    That was from my last post for the gt218... now we scratch it... don;t forget the price increase hairy
  • kyeana
    nVidia's naming game begins!

    Game On!
  • Fadamor
    Seems like they're trying to bring their older models in-line with the newer numbering scheme:
    GTS 240 was 8800 GT
    GTS 250 was 9800 GTX+
    GTS 260
    GTS 280
    GTS 290
    GTS 295
  • jerreece
    nVidia... give me a break already...

    8800GT, 9800GT, GTS 240.... three names for the same stupid video card.

    nVidia needs to get a handle on their marketing department. This rebranding/renaming thing is an absolute joke. Sure it might be easier all around if they are all GTS ### to figure it out, but now you confuse folks who don't know what is what anymore.

    It's okay though. Cause the GTS 250 will be faster than the 9800GTX+, cause it has a spoiler.....
  • cl_spdhax1
    Do it, if it will lower the price of the older ones.
    well i honestly dont care if they rename a product as long as the prices go down with that product ill be happy with them renaming it! :D
  • captaincharisma
    hehe true but when you go for the underdog most of the time your not getting the top performing cards or chips but just getting a good price. but that only would apply to really anal gamers