NZXT Launches the H230 Mid Tower Chassis

The NZXT H230 is a mid-tower enclosure that supports a maximum of ATX motherboards and aims to provide a minimalistic design that is “every bit as functional as it is sleek." The chassis provides three tool free 5.25" drives, a removable six bay 3.5" / 2.5" hard drive cage, seven expansion slots and NZXT’s trademark “noise absorbing internal padding.”

With regards to cooling, the NZXT supports a maximum of four 120 mm cooling fans (two front, one pre-installed rear, one bottom), 14 mm of clearance for cable management and CPU coolers of up to 158 mm.

The NZXT H230 will be available “soon” for $64.99 with a choice of two colors (black or white) and is backed by a two year manufacturer warranty.

  • expl0itfinder
    I think NZXT just makes the prettiest cases
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    ^ You're not alone on this opinion... the only two problems are:
    1) There's just too many models around lately :D There're like what, 4 different Phantoms now?
    2) Availability of the new models outside of the US is nearly non-existent; and what's available is always BLACK >_< And NZXT's white is simply amazing, I never want a black case again. I was really annoyed when I had to buy a black H2 because there isn't a single distributor in India who orders white ones...
  • DarkSable
    Holy cow, that's GOOD looking.
    I like the looks of that almost as much as my Prodigy.
  • bartholomew
    ^ Agreed, looks great!
  • jdlobb
    Yep, definitely buying this.
  • Landor Ismo
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  • Andrew Gurrin
    this would be amazing if you could shove a h80i in the front by removing one of the hdd cages (look on the nzxt website for more pics)