HP Launching NFC-Enabled Mouse in November

In addition to the desktops and laptops HP revealed on Thursday, the company also listed a new set of peripherals slated to launch starting later this month (opens in new tab). One of them is what the company calls the HP Touch To Pair Mouse which will feature near-field communication (NFC) technology.

HP is calling a "world's first," as the peripheral allows users to connect it to another NFC-compatible gadget with a simple tap. Don't have NFC on your laptop or desktop? No problem – the mouse falls back on a Bluetooth connection. Don't have Bluetooth? Go buy a USB dongle in addition to shelling out $39 for this device in November.

In addition to the NFC mouse, HP plans to release a several mice, a webcam, a portable Bluetooth speaker and more. Here's the list:

HP Wireless X4500 and X5500 mice
* Feature a sleek, modern design and a precise laser sensor
* Available in September for $29 and $39, respectively

HP Wireless Mouse X6000
* Offers exclusive HP Exact Track Technology, which works on most surfaces including glass
* Housed in a solid metal top cover
* Four-way tilt scrolling
* 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
* Available in September for $59

HP Wireless Classic Desktop and HP Wireless Elite v2 keyboards
* Offer up to four shortcut keys designed to work with Windows 8
* Available in October for $29 and $49, respectively

HP Bluetooth Portable Speaker
* Connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device
* Compact, sleek design to complement any room in the home
* Available in October for $79

The HP 90W Universal Power Adapter
* Compatible with virtually all notebooks
* Features a built-in USB port that lets users charge a notebook and mobile device simultaneously
*Available in October for $79

The HP Webcam HD 4310
* Instantly connect and communicate with friends and family in widescreen 1080p HD
* Three-way video calling
* Auto focus
* Auto-exposure
* Available in November for $89

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  • XngXtuHl
    no pictures?
  • lathe26
    Ok, the article was badly phrased.

    The is a Bluetooth mouse. It uses NFC only to make the initial Bluetooth pairing easy (a.k.a. Secure Simple Pairing).

    It is NOT a mouse that uses NFC as its primary data communication. Since most NFC devices have a range of a few inches, such a mouse would have to be rubbed _on_ the laptop like you were applying suntan lotion.
  • doive1231
    Can imagine people going mad at Amazon inadvertently buying everything they click on with an NFC mouse.
  • bukhlef
    lawl Toms epic fail as usual
  • freggo
    bukhleflawl Toms epic fail as usual
    If THG is so bad why would you come back ? :-)
  • thecolorblue
    I thought this article would explain what NFC is when i clicked on it. Okay, now I know it means Near Field Technology...

    ...in other words I still have absolutely no idea what NFC is.
    maybe less time listing product SKUs and more time explaining things??

  • pepe2907
    Wow, second advertising of HP products in a form of report on something in a week or so.
  • ojas
    freggoIf THG is so bad why would you come back ? :-)in hope of improvement