Sharp Abandoning PC for Android Tablets

A report out of Japan indicates that Sharp Corp. is bailing out of the personal computer business. Rather than manufacture desktops and notebooks for Microsoft’s Windows OS, the company will instead focus its attention on its Android-based Galapagos tablets and associated content hitting the market this December.

"Our intention is to shift from just selling the product to expand to the business model of contents services business in addition to e-book product sales," a Sharp spokeswoman told PC World.

The shift away from the market shouldn’t be surprising. The last personal computer product manufactured by Sharp was a laptop PC in October 2009, part of Microsoft’s Windows 7 global launch. By the end of the year, Sharp had completed its shift away from the sector by discontinuing PC production altogether.

Although Japan’s Nikkei business daily reports that the company has pulled out of the sector, PC World stated that Sharp would neither confirm the report or confirm if it had any notebook PCs currently in development.

Sharp’s Galapagos tablets--arriving in December in 5.5-inch and 10-inch form factors--will serve as a platform for its upcoming domestic e-book and e-newspaper store, offering consumers around 30,000 titles. The company plans to introduce music, video and other e-commerce services in the future. Sharp is currently talking with Verizon to launch the tablets here in the States.

Nikkei said that Sharp’s exit from the PC market won’t generate any local facility-related changes, as the company outsourced production overseas. Current customers will continue to receive support for their purchased products.

  • Sharp sell PC? never heard of it.
    But they do make great air conditioner, though.....
  • Sharp laptops were rather well made -- I think bigger in Japanese market than elsewhere.
  • I'm ready to look at tablets powered by Android somewhere other than England...or Ebay. When Ipad's prospective customers find better systems and haedware, the quality in all of them will rise and we will reap the rise in quality no matter what we buy. I will probably wait for year 2 of the the new Android tablets, the cream will rise to the top. I want a 10 incher!
  • joytech22
    since when did sharp make PC's? all i thought they made was TV's and sound systems i think.
  • sharp radio's are crappy. Loud, but crappy audio quality.
  • dEAne
    Not all sharp products are good thought.
  • ivanlucrazy
    I too wasn't aware that Sharp made computers. The title is funny though. Makes it feel like it's such a big deal. "In other news, Apple has decided to pull out of the mobile phone market" . Now that would be surprising. :)
  • aracheb
    They made Well made laptop, generally rugged type, but very well made..
    top quality..
    i have 1 at home got it from conedison when i was there as a contractor..
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    ivanlucrazy.... "In other news, Apple has decided to pull out of the mobile phone market" . Now that would be surprising.Would make so many people happy, and cause so many suicides....

    Anyways never knew sharp made PC's, but I do like the idea of more and more android tablets, although I still don't see the point of these tablets... maybe in a couple of years when it has developed a bit more
  • I wonder if Google will enter the desktop market and make a GOOD OS, instead of us putting up with this crap from MSFT like Vista (and it's rebranded 7), Apple's junk OS's that can't run a number of games, and Linux.

    I hope Android comes in and allows for use of programs native to Windows and Mac OS X, in a good OS environment.