Nokia Reveals Booklet 3G Netbook Price, Specs

What we did know was that the machine would be Atom-powered and Windows-based. We knew that we were looking at a 10-inch HD-ready screen, 3G wireless, Wi-Fi a hot-swappable SIM card and integrated A-GPS as well as HDMI out. Nokia today revealed some more information on the Booklet, including the device's scary price.

As far as specs go, you've got an Atom Z530, 120 GB hard disk, 1 GB RAM, Windows 7, integrated Ovi Suite (for maps, calendar contacts, media etc),  a 16-cell battery that promises a 12 hour battery life, Bluetooth, 3 x USB 2.0, an SD card reader, a 10.1-inch LCD (1,280 x 720) and of course, a 1.3MP camera.

As for that scary price, you're looking at €575 ($810) before subsidies. That said, it's expected to be heavily subsidized by carriers, so maybe it won't end up costing an arm and a leg if you're willing to get it on contract. No word on a release yet but it'll obviously be after October 22. So, anyone interested? If so, how much would you be willing to pay for this on-contract? Let us know in the comments below!

  • whoa 16 cell how many mah
  • burnley14
    12 hours of battery life sounds very nice. But I have no intention of selling my soul for a contract plan.
  • SAL-e
    $810?! I don't think so. Get a laptop or netbook. Add extra battery with charger and you will save money or have much better performance. You can charge the second battery while you continue working and not to be tight up to the power outlet.
  • hannibal
    Well if you think that this is 3g phone and a laptot together it's not so expensive, but yeah... It belongs to top in price segment.
    One thing is, who needs 3g in their laptop? This seems to be a tool to salesman who don't have normal internet connection all the time. So it has to be considered as an special professional tool. Not the one you should look for when you are looking for small laptop for normal surfing by using normal vireles connections.
  • taiso
    not only is nokia late to the party. i think they're in the wrong market altogether. i can't find a single attribute that would make me get this when compared to any of acer's or dell's netbooks. (pretending i would get a netbook in the first place). even considering what hannibal says, employees (who really need them) get access to wireless cards from verizon or other telecom carriers to use while you're out of the office and they're paid for by their employer. and they can use them on ANY laptop or desktop that you choose.
  • ram1009
    A bargain is what you get not what you pay and anything that includes a long term contract is no bargain IMHO.
  • shotgunpadre
    Nokia's screens have always been great. 10" 1280x720 would give you great visuals and of course this booklet will get cheaper eventually. The only con is 1gb ram.
  • US$810 is scary! z530 cpu is slow, 120gb hdd is small, 1gb ram is not abundant enough, windows 7 might make the machine slower? 16 cell battery really? it would be a very big breakthrough, general spec nowadays is 6 cell only. but i doubt the size and weight of a 16 cell netbook. 1,280 x 720 is denser than general 1024x600, but is it notable on a small 10.1" screen? this is like a sony, impractical specs with impractical price, makers like asus or msi are more practical
  • jojesa
    Similar equipped netbook are selling for less than half what Nokia is asking.
    The only hardware difference I see is a GPS and Accelerometer and I don’t think that’s worth the premium.
    I don’t think is even upgradeable.
    Good luck to Nokia
  • zerapio
    I'd buy it but not before reading a few reviews. I like the 3G connnectivity, battery life and GPS navigation. I'd use it as a carputer.