Report: Nvidia 700-Series to Release in May; More Specs

There is a rumor on the web, initially reported by Brightsideofnews, that Nvidia will be launching its 700-series parts next month. Not only this, but a number of specifications have come to light as well. For starters, three SKUs will be released: the GTX 780, GTX 770, and GTX 760 Ti.

What was previously rumored to be the GTX Titan LE appears to actually be the GTX 780, which will likely be based on a cut-down GK110 part. As such, it will feature 2,496 CUDA cores, 208 Texture Mapping Units, 40 Render Output Units, and 5 GB of GDDR5 memory that will run over a 320-bit memory interface.

Moving on, the GTX 770 will be based on the older GK104 part, essentially being a higher clocked GTX 680 with double the graphics memory slapped onto the PCB for a total of 4 GB. The GTX 760 Ti would likely be almost identical to the GTX 670, with perhaps slightly different clock speeds.

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Header Cell - Column 0 GPUCuda CoresTMUsROPsMemoryMemory Interface
GTX 780GK1102,496208405 GB320-bit
GTX 770GK104-4251,536128324 GB256-bit
GTX 760 TiGK104-2251,344112322 GB256-bit

MSRP pricing for the GTX 780 is said to be between $499 and $599, the GTX 770 $399, and the GTX 760 Ti $299. While all of these details remain unconfirmed, it would be great if they are true.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • esrever
    Pretty much as expected. Kepler refresh across the line.
  • ikaz
    lol at the rebranding that being said getting 670 performance for $60 less that what they are going for that would be nice. The real question is will this refresh bring down the cost of the 6 series ?
  • redeemer
  • Lord Captivus
    Those prices cant be true!
  • balister
    Wonder if we'll see a 790 that is based on two GK110 like the 690. Could just imagine the cost of something like that ($1500+ which would be insane).
  • vmem
    $499 for the 780 would be ok, it's the same as the 680 when it came out. $599 would just be ridiculous though
  • ikyung
    10707641 said:
    Wonder if we'll see a 790 that is based on two GK110 like the 690. Could just imagine the cost of something like that ($1500+ which would be insane).
    Nah the 790 will never be $1500. It will be $1000 just like a 690, 590, 490, etc. The 780 will be between 499-599 like the article says. Seems pretty good since the 4GB 680 is priced around $550-600.
  • internetlad
    who needs 5GB of VRAM? The most i've seen is the HD Skyrim pack at 1.5, not even coming close to 5GB. This is intentional bottlenecking at it's finest because they know the guys buying these cards have no idea what they really need and will cream when they see that this card has over twice as much as most any of the last gen cards.
  • loops
    The 780 seems interesting. The other two? Ya for lower prices but I still think they are over priced "refresh".
  • nforce4max
    This is pretty sad but not out of the norm for Nvidia. Never again will I buy Nvidia at retail prices!