Nvidia's Ion Makes a Splash at Computex 2009

New processors from Intel and AMD aside, Nvidia is probably feeling like the prettiest girl at the party right now and it’s easy to see why with Ion products from countless vendors across the show floor.

In with the Acer Aspire Revo and the just-announced Lenovo IdeaPad S12, Nvidia highlighted a few other Ion-based machines that we haven’t heard about. Among them was MSI's new Wind Box D200 as well as a ream of other nettops and netbooks from Asian ODMs, like ECS’s Morph nettop. All in all the company has listed 20 manufacturers as “Ion Partners” and asked everyone to check out all the products on the show floor.

Rumors today also point to Ion-based computers from both HP and Dell in Q3 of this year. According to Digitimes, two American companies could be all set to add to the plethora of offerings already announced.

Nvidia’s full list of Ion partners is below.

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ManufacturerPC TypeModel
AsRockDesktopIon 330
AsusAll-in-OneeeeTop ET2002
FuntwistDesktopFION 330
ICDAll-in-OneKitchen PC
LenovoNotebookIdeaPad S12
MSIDesktopWindbox D200
MSIAll-in-OneWindtop AE2201
TCLAll-in-OneRuiyi 1010
  • anamaniac
    I love the idea of the Ion.
    Allows the advantages of low power usage and high portability, while having something that can do basic gaming and video. I hate the Atom, but the GPU somewhat makes up for it in this rig.

    Good going Nvidia.
  • Vettedude
    This will totally beat the crap out of the GMA 950. ATOM is a good low-powered chip with hyper-threading. One of my friends has one. It's a nice low-cost chip. The GMA 950 just sucks. Ion will take care of the terrible capabilities of the 950. If Intel wants to compete with ION, they need to put a GMA 4500MHD in their at least, or later, a low-power Larrabee.
  • apache_lives
    hope to god these nvidia products dont fail so badly like all other nvidia parts in recent laptops (HP's especially)
  • Kill@dor
    @apache_lives: I agree. Nvidia maybe the leader now, but they still need to step it up if the consumers are to by worth while products at fair costs.