OnLive Offering Cloud, Digital Download of Witcher 2: AKEE

OnLive said on Thursday that the company has resurrected its "free cloud copy" promotion with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. OnLive customers can now purchase the cloud version of the game for $19.99 and receive a digital download copy for free that can be played offline.

According to OnLive, the actual download is through and will be made available within the user’s account upon redemption of a code provided by OnLive. The download is offered to both PC and Mac gamers, but don't expect to see progress saved in the cloud for cross-platform progression.

In addition to purchasing The Witcher 2, the game is also currently available in OnLive's PlayPack which costs $9.99 USD per month. This subscription model not only offers CD Projekt RED's popular RPG, but more than 200 other games in an all-you-can-eat gaming buffet. Many have been updated to utilize game controllers and touch screens found on tablets and smartphones.

"In The Witcher 2, players assume the role of Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer and loyal protector of the Temerian King," the game's description reads. "The game set new standards for realistic, non-linear game narration, spinning a mature, thought-provoking story in one of the most extraordinary RPGs ever released. Each decision made by the player will have consequences, and could significantly impact on future events and how the world unfolds."

OnLive has been relatively quiet on the PR front since the company's transformation late last year. A rep was actually hanging out at LG's massive "booth" during CES 2013 in Las Vegas last month, showcasing the service on LG's Google TV G3 Series. The beauty of OnLive's platform is that owners of this TV – or any other OnLive-enabled TV – can play along with friends via PC, Mac and Android devices.

"LG’s dual-core performance Google TVs, coupled with OnLive’s innovative games-on-demand service, makes access to the latest videogame entertainment quicker and easier than ever before," said Georg Rasinski, Director of Home Entertainment Brand Management, LG Electronics USA. "By integrating cloud gaming into our powerful G3 series TVs, the entertainment possibilities for consumers are virtually limitless."

Of course, if you're playing Witcher 2 and want to stop on one device and resume on another, then you'll need to stick with OnLive's cloud copy. But for those who would rather play offline on the Mac or PC, then the downloadable version is the ticket. Either way, you can't beat having both digital and cloud copies for $19.99 USD.

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    I thought OnLive was dead. Guess I've got something to look into.
  • susyque747
    Screw the Cloud
  • velosteraptor
    The witcher 2 is often on steam for around that price. I managed to get the witcher/the witcher 2 with all the dlcs for ~$25 last fall.
  • kanoobie
    already snagged this title for $7.50 during Steam's holiday wallet assault, but yea, thought OnLive was dead also
  • randomizer
    JOSHSKORNI thought OnLive was dead. Guess I've got something to look into.They sold their assets to a third party, went bankrupt and died for a few hours to throw off their obligations to creditors and then rose from the dead with all of their assets handed back to them.