Outlook.com to Support 32 New Domains (But Not .co.uk or .ca)

In August of 2012, Microsoft began to move away from 16-year-old Hotmail with the launch of Outlook.com. However, while Outlook has seen quite a bit of activity (the service saw one million users on the first day alone), it seems some folks wanted their Outlook account to better reflect their country of origin. In response, Microsoft today announced 32 new international domains.

"We've been delighted by the reception to the new Outlook.com service. Many people have chosen to create new @outlook.com aliases, and as we previously discussed, many people have switched over from other email services," said Microsoft's Eric Doerr. "But we also heard from some of you that you'd like to be able to have an @outlook address that is unique to your country (e.g. @outlook.de), so here is the list of new @outlook email domains that will be available in the next few days," he added, going on to list all 32 countries and their domains. Check out the full list below:

  • Argentina - outlook.com.ar
  • Australia - outlook.com.au
  • Austria - outlook.at
  • Belgium - outlook.be
  • Brazil - outlook.com.br
  • Chile - outlook.cl
  • Czech Republic - outlook.cz
  • Denmark - outlook.dk
  • France - outlook.fr
  • Germany - outlook.de
  • Greece - outlook.com.gr
  • Israel - outlook.co.il
  • India - outlook.in
  • Indonesia - outlook.co.id
  • Ireland - outlook.ie
  • Italy - outlook.it
  • Hungary - outlook.hu
  • Japan - outlook.jp
  • Korea - outlook.kr
  • Latvia - outlook.lv
  • Malaysia - outlook.my
  • New Zealand - outlook.co.nz
  • Peru - outlook.com.pe
  • Philippines - outlook.ph
  • Portugal - outlook.pt
  • Saudi Arabia - outlook.sa
  • Singapore - outlook.sg
  • Slovakia - outlook.sk
  • Spain - outlook.es
  • Thailand - outlook.co.th
  • Turkey - outlook.com.tr
  • Vietnam - outlook.com.vn

Unfortunately, it seems .co.uk and .ca didn't quite make the cut, and Microsoft hasn't mentioned whether or not more international domains are on the way. We'll keep you posted, but it looks like .com will have to do for now.

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  • TheBigTroll
    did ballmer screw up again?
  • moonsite
    @santeana. If you haven't tried it, check it out. It is not the same old crappy email. Gmail used to be simple and easy to use, but has become too complicated. Outlook has taken the top spot in term of simplicity. I preferred that over gmail any days.
  • merikafyeah
    I really like the new Outlook along with the new SkyDrive. Microsoft made it really easy and pleasant to just drag n drop folders around to nest them under other folders for instance. LOVE the new junk mail controls. It's so easy to permanently block specific addresses or entire blocks of addresses all at once.
  • Moaz Bhutta
    haha amazing Canada doesn't get it but tiny israeil gets it lol I know they helped a lot in development but still no .ca hehe