Get All Old Quake Games for Just $15

During CNET's 10-year anniversary celebration back in 2005, the site posted its Top 10 Games list over the previous ten years. Strangely enough, none of them went beyond 2001, but they included true gems such as Half-Life, The Sims, EverQuest, and StarCraft. However, seated in the fourth position was id Software's "gothic-n-gibbed" FPS from 1996, Quake.

"One of the best-looking games ever to be released, Quake introduced us to true 3D gaming," CNET said. "In conjunction with the ascendance of graphics chip maker 3dfx, with Quake, games became not only three-dimensional, their textures were also greatly improved. Gone were the days of hideous pixelated graphics and simple aim-and-shoot gameplay."

The PC game introduced many elements now used in most PC shooters including the keyboard-and-mouse combo, polygons (although those were using in other titles like Descent), and online deathmatch. The words "lag" and "mouselook" became common gaming terms while "mods" entered the scene thanks to id Software's allowance for end-user creativity, giving birth to Capture the Flag, Rocket Arena, and more.

For PC gamers, it was a golden age when virtual worlds finally left their 2D, pixilated roots and brought players together across the nation. Gamers can now relive some of that classic action at a really low price, as Steam is currently offering 50-percent off its entire Quake Collection. For $15, you can purchase Quake, Quake: Scourge of Armagon, Quake: Dissolution of Eternity, Quake II, Quake II: Ground Zero, Quake II: The Reckoning, Quake III Arena, and Quake III: Team Arena.

Gamers can also purchase each title on an individual basis and still receive a discount. As the offer was originally launched on Friday, there's no indication on when this deal will actually end.

  • JasonAkkerman
    I pick up a copy for myself and a friend yesterday. I miss the good old Quake days.
  • sliem
    Will all still run on Win7?
  • dan117
    It's 15 euro here in europe... at least I don't have to pay that extra tax you see at the checkout.
    But, still, Steam is awesome. I have almost all of my games on Steam and can install them on any PC faster than with a disk (Romanian internet is fast).
  • hellwig
    Does anyone still play Quake III? Unless you and your friends host a LAN party, the internet servers have to be pretty dead for that one by now. Still, there were some great mods for Quake III. Spent many an hour freshman year of college playing that game.

    Never played Quake or Quake II, never had the computer power nor money for them when they came out (lacked the RAM and graphics card, hell, I didn't even know they made graphics cards back then, whatever happened to CPU-generated graphics as in Doom? Damn the old days used to be so simple).
  • JumpKickJoe
    ahhhhhhh someone lend me their credit card!!!!!

    I got a xp cd home and wil build a system just to frag!!!!!

    BFG 10k FTW!
  • the_krasno
    sliemWill all still run on Win7?
    I bought the entire ID pack back in xmas (bless the huge discounts Steam gave that week!) and yes, it runs smoothly on Win 7 ;)
  • brother shrike
    It's a midweek madness sale, so it ends today (Thursday) or early tomorrow.
  • Arggggg!

    I miss the good Old days when I used to be able to sit all day playing DooM and other games.

    Now I can't play any of them without getting really sick any more. :(
  • jhansonxi
    For Quake, use the DarkPlaces engine. This supports all the official mods and some third-party ones (unfortunately not Malice). Try to beat the QdQwav time.

    For Quake II, use the Yamagi Quake II client. Try to beat the 0:19:33 speedrun record.

    Note that these support single player. There are many other ports designed specifically for multi-player.
  • zoemayne
    quake 3 is the best online-wise