HP and Dell Still Dominating U.S. PC Sales

HP, Dell and Acer remain the top three players in the computer market in the United States. HP accounts for 25.7 percent of the U.S. computer market, compared to 25.4 percent last year. Meanwhile, Dell experienced a little bit of a dip, accounting for 24 percent of the market, down from 24.4 percent in the same period 2009. Acer's market share also fell by a small margin, clocking in at 11 percent, down from 12.3 in Q2 of last year. Apple ranked in at number four, with 8.8 percent (up from 8.6 percent in Q2'09) and Toshiba comes in fifth place with 8.5 percent, a full percentage point more than in the same quarter 2009.

Worldwide, the top three spots are the same, with HP, Dell and Acer accounting for 18.1 percent, 13 percent and 12.6 percent respectively. Lenovo comes in fourth place with 10.2 percent, while Toshiba and Asus are tied for fifth place with 5.3 percent each.

Check out the tables below for more information, or head on over to IDC for the full press release.

*Units are in the thousands. Images via IDC

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  • r3t4rd
    mchufTheir stuff is not high quality and they stiff you on stuff in the higher priced models (although not as much as Dell).

    You mean Apple?

    Apple is worse than HP, DELL, and ACER combined. Apple = Mediocre to plain low grade Guts, nice cases, and charge you an arm and a leg. The only thing that Apple has going for them from a Tech Savvy stand point is OSX (Take ur pros and cons with OSX vs Windows vs Linux). I would purchase Any Dell/HP over Apple....at least i know i still have my arms and legs.
  • Other Comments
  • insider3
    Is anyone really excited about this?
  • bustapr
    Im really surprised that Acer isnt at the top. They are the laptops I see everyone use, I never see any Dells and less hp. And Acer is pretty cheap. I still dont understand these things. And Apple selling more than Toshiba, theres a surprise...
  • soo-nah-mee
    It's amazing how many people continue to buy their junk. Innocent ignorance, I guess.