Woman Calls Tech Support Over Google PAC-MAN

One woman called tech support because she was so frustrated by the noise. When she was told, "It'll be gone tomorrow," she asked if there was no way she could switch it off. The lady said she didn't have any friends who knew about computers so she had no one to ask. After the tech support agent walked her through how to close the Google homepage tab without closing everything else, she asked if they had gotten many Pac-man related calls. I can't tell if she was surprised or embarrassed to hear she was the first.

  • pratkal
    i am surprised to post comment on these topic first
  • MiamiU
    that was painful to listen to... I hope when i'm old I don't turn like that
  • mrecio
    How did this lady land a job that had anything to do with computers? I get calls from clueless people all the time but i think the guy did a good job staying patient with her.

    computer literacy test for new employees?
  • gpace
    I propose a simple computer knowledge quiz with every private computer purchase. The OS will the adjust.

    But that's a lot of work.
  • leafman420
    lol, this is my nightmare every night. ahhhhhh!!!!! "Did you turn it off and then on." Painful real Painful... I love PacMan...
  • nforce4max
    This is the dark side of IT tech support. x.x
  • silversurfernhs
    Oh my god... i experience conversations like this on a regular basis as a computer technician and tech support specialist... drives me insane. So i switched to using remote assistance where i can... People have no clue, but its not their fault. I find it humorous to some degree. "if i turn my monitor on"...........................
    This guy gets props here!
  • Pyroflea
    I couldn't imagine being that stupid. It just blows my mind.

    It's one thing being horrible with computers, I can ALMOST understand that the phonecall was made. The fact that it took 5 MINUTES TO SORT OUT just... I just don't even know. Lmao
  • Camikazi
    I couldn't listen to the whole thing, it was too painful, i was on the edge of yelling at the screen to try and make her understand.
  • gti88
    I was laughung hard.
    Although it's not that funny when it's your relatives who don't know how to use a PC.