PAX Prime 2012: Plantronics GameCom Commander

The GameCom Commander is a brand new, limited edition, gaming headset developed in conjunction with the Plantronics aviation and military divisions. The shell of the ear-cups was taken directly from a military-aviation style headset and then filled with clearer and more accurate sound reproduction technology for a solution that caters to the professional or tournament gamer. Due to the noise cancelling design of the headset for use on aircraft carriers, the headset does a great job at passively cancelling out ambient noise. We were able to clearly hear the game of choice even with the overload of ambient noise from PAX in the background after donning the Commander. The 7.1 virtual surround sound technology provided by Dolby did a great job at representing the 360 degree game environment even while on the show floor.

Additionally the lack of software configuration allows you to take your Commander with you where ever you go. This allows tournament gamers who may not be able to install software on their tournament computer to still take the familiarity of their personal headset with them.

Updated [Sept 10, 2012]: Here are the technical specifications!

• Speaker driver size: 40mm
• Speaker frequency response: 20Hz–18kHz
• Microphone frequency response: 100Hz–10kHz
• Noise reduction: up to 18dB
• Cable length: 6.5 feet (2 meters) with coil cord
• USB connection: 3.5mm dual connection and 3.5mm single connection
• 2-year limited warranty

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  • Pennanen
    "Commander, military, super,duper,secret,xtreme,gaymer,limited,special."

    We've seen this before 1000 times. Overpriced "gaymen" headsets with bad sound quality and high price tag.
  • razor512
    care to release any specs such as frequency response along with the curves so we can have an idea of how balanced the audio is along with how well it reproduces the audio?
  • freename
    $299? They're dreaming