Digital Version of Prey Sold Out on Steam?

Ohs nos! Kotaku pointed out that the 2006 hit PC game Prey, which went on sale over on Valve's Steam service as part of its Steam Holiday Sale, has somehow managed to sell out. No, we're not talking about the physical copy of the game--apparently there's plenty of those listed on Amazon for just over $9 USD.

No, it's the digital version that's somehow sold out. Although there's no box or DVD to deal with, the game still contains some type of CD key. Evidently the program that generates the sacred game keys ran dry--this is speculation of course--and is unable to start over from the beginning (that would barf up two identical keys which would be a big fat no-no).

With that scenario, it makes sense that Steam would sell out of digital copes. Then again, it may be a big tease and 2K Games could have said "whoa there Nelly, I think we sold enough copies of the game at $2.25." Website Stage Select paints a different picture, indicating that the game was only offered at that price on December 28 only. The "sold out" image displayed on Steam says differently. Whatever.

For post-holiday shoppers still wanting digital versions of great games, Steam is still offering Torchlight for $10. Jade Empire: Special Edition is a crazy $3.75, Silent Hill Homecoming is $10, and Ghostbusters: the Videogame is a meager $6.79. There's also S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky for $5, and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory selling for the same price.

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  • lradunovic77
    Steam is the best thing which could happen to PC Gaming Industry. Consoles suck!
  • Transsive
    Bought Bioshock for 5 euro though...

    Steam, fighting piracy with great deals, ha ha...
  • sliem
    They ran out of keys THAT they want to sell for that price.
    Simple as that.
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  • sublifer
    I bought Stalker ClearSky for $5 on that sale. They're also sellnig the original stalker for $2.49 I think but I already have it.
  • Parsian
    ROFLMAO i think they dont get the concept of digital distribution
  • sliem
    They ran out of keys THAT they want to sell for that price.
    Simple as that.