Google's Project Glass Shows Up at Fashion Week in NYC

We first caught sight of Google's Project Glass back in April. After months of rumors regarding a HUD, Google finally uncovered the secret project and revealed that it was working on perfecting the smart glasses for release in the future. June brought demonstrations from Google at Google I/O, and attendees were even able to pre-order a pair (if they had $1500 hanging around and were willing to trade that cash in for the privilege of being among the first). Other than its appearance at Google I/O, we haven't seen a lot of Project Glass in the last few months. Until this week, that is.


The product was spotted at Fashion Week in New York City this week, with one designer using the glasses to record her show. According to The Verge, designer Diane von Furstenberg is using Google's Project Glass to record her New York Fashion Week show from behind the scenes. The recording will be made into a short movie entitled 'DVF through Glass' and will showcase a first-person perspective of preparation and participation in the runway show.

Though the movie itself won't air until this Thursday (September 13), the Diane von Fustenberg Google+ page is awash with first-person perspective shots from the show. Head on over for shots of make up articles, clothes, and models sporting the new Google glasses.

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  • Anonymous
    Call me a nerd, but I really want one. =D
  • booyaah
    Model included?
  • CaedenV
    is it just me, or does to these fashion models just look like a bunch of hunched over crack addicts wearing bright colors?

    Google glass is the only 'cool' 'futuristic' looking thing in either of those photos.