Psystar Sues Apple Over Snow Leopard

It seems like the Psystar/Apple saga is never going to end. Just when we thought the Mac clone company was running out of steam, Psystar has filed a new suit in the hope that it might be allowed sell machines with Snow Leopard pre-installed.

AppleInsider reports that Florida-based Psystar is eager to bring Apple's latest OS to its line of knock-off Macs. In a court filing Psystar claims that it is entitled to buy copies of Snow Leopard and install them on its own computers, which the company then re-sells. AI reports that the suit alleges that the company is already capable of installing the new operating system on its hardware.

"The Psystar computers that run Mac OS X Snow Leopard are able to do so by running software, written by Psystar, that interfaces with the open-source portion of Mac OS X Snow Leopard," the filing reads, according to AI. "The manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Snow Leopard is entirely different from the manner in which Psystar computers run Mac OS X Leopard."

Check out the full story here or hit up the links below for more on the back and forth between Psystar Apple.

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  • Anonymous
    But..but if Pystar is allowed to pre-install Apple OS, we won't have the pleasure of paying the $500+ Apple Tax!
  • Sicundercover
    Im just curious how Psystar can afford all these law suites. Of course you gotta love how relentless they are, but at want point are you just throwing money down the drain.
  • tayb
    Sigh. I wonder if you people are so segregated on all of your everyday things. You love college ruled paper and absolutely despise and refuse to use wide ruled. You love chocolate but you berate anyone who likes vanilla. You have a Mercedes and every BMW is an overpriced pile of crap.

    Just don't get it. OS X is really cool. So is Windows 7. Can't fathom why so many people would choose to not only refuse to try the other but actively attack and berate anyone who does. I can spend $1,300 and get a damn fast refurb Apple laptop that comes with the exact warranty of a brand new machine and a brand new battery. Matching the specs with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc the price is a complete wash. HP is a little cheaper, Lenovo is a little more, Dell is about even, etc.

    Why do you sit in a corner, refuse to come out, and ridicule the other corner endlessly. Without OS X the best OS Microsoft would have released is Windows XP. Vista was a disaster and had Apple not existed Windows 7 would be a shell of what it is right now. Thank you competition. At the very least if you can't manage to utter anything but "Apple sucks" acknowledge that the presence of Apple alone makes Microsoft try harder, and when that happens we all win.
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  • Anonymous
    But..but if Pystar is allowed to pre-install Apple OS, we won't have the pleasure of paying the $500+ Apple Tax!
  • Tech-Boy
    Come on with the apple news! Oh, well.
  • tayb
    The OS is cheap because they make so much money on the hardware. You can't have the cake and eat it too. Pystar wants to buy the OS at the discount given to hardware consumers without buying any of the hardware. Apple should just make an edition of Snow Leopard available to companies like Pystar except price the software at about $500 per license and tell them they can install it on whatever hardware configuration they like.