Psystar Owes Apple a Mysterious $75,000

Recently uncovered in Psystar’s bankruptcy filings is a note showing that the company owes Apple $75,000.

Both Psystar and Apple have been in a legal horn-locking as of late over Psystar’s sale of PCs pre-loaded with Mac OS X. Psystar recently bowed out of the legal battle with its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Computerworld has noticed in Psystar’s documents that the company owes Apple $75,000, which is curious considering its stance that it hasn’t done anything to wrong Apple.

Apparently under "Schedule F -- Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims," Psystar had Apple Inc. as being owed $75,000, also with terms "Litigation Pending" and "consideration for claim."

Could this be Psystar’s way of repaying Apple for damages? It’s hard to say. Computerworld figured that, at the list retail price of $129 per license, the $75,000 translates into 581 copies of Leopard. Surely Psystar must have sold more than 581 Mac clones, right?

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  • hemelskonijn
    "Computerworld figured that, at the list retail price of $129 per license, the $75,000 translates into 581 copies of Leopard."

    RETAIL dumbo,
    You really think the retailer himself wont make a dime ?, or that the same prices go if you buy 75,000 worth of goodies even at a retail store ?

    And yes even so ... psystar cant have sold that many units so i wont be amazed if they never hit the 1000 unit mark.
  • HibyPrime
    Could it be possible Apple created the company themselves in an attempt to scare other companies considering opening a similar company? It would seem stupid for them to list Apple as a creditor however...

    It wouldn't be the first time Apple has done something in the grey area of the law, and they've even broken it, and managed to settle it out of court (I'm referring to the iPhone trademark on that last note).
  • eddieroolz
    Apple's broken millions of laws, just look at their anticompetitive and monopolistic nature on their platform.

    Apple's hands are as dirty as Microsoft or for that matter, any other companies. The fact that Apple passes itself off as an Angel pisses me off.