Bethesda Says RAGE Demo Unlikely

Bethesda PR VP Pete Hines recently told VG247 that it's very unlikely gamers will see a playable demo of id Software's upcoming first-person shooter RAGE before the game goes retail in September. The news follows Todd Hollenshead's report during QuakeCon 2009, revealing that while a multiplayer beta is unlikely, gamers may see a single-player demo for the PC and Mac.

"It’s something we look at for every game and we do it where possible and where appropriate," Hines said in a phone interview. "But to be perfectly honest, from a technical standpoint, it isn’t always possible. I don’t see a demo for RAGE on the cards."

"I guess it’s not a zero percent chance, but it’s somewhere down on that end of the spectrum," he added.

Currently id Software's RAGE is slated for a September 13 release here in the States, and a September 15 launch date over in Europe for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS and Windows PC. Given the overall open-world design of RAGE, it just may not be possible to slice a section for a single-player demo.

Still, gamers eager to get a taste of RAGE can download the $0.99 RAGE: Mutant Bash TV app (also in a $1.99 HD flavor) for Apple's iOS platform. The three-level game doesn't offer open-world gameplay; instead, it throws players on rails in a House of the Dead, arcade-like fashion. The app is great fun and looks awesome in both SD and HD versions, but requires a hefty amount of space.

  • rohitbaran
    gamers may see a single-player demo for the PC
    That's more like it!
  • killerclick
    Why are they wasting time on something that's not The Elder Scrolls V? They could have id Software working on it as well instead of this Rage or Brink or Fart or whatever non-Fallout and non-TES related games they are developing.
  • rpgplayer
    when a company doesn't come out with a demo it tells me "our game sux and we don't want you to try it out, we want you to buy it and get stuck with this turd"
  • danwat1234
    The fan in the screenshot looks like crap
  • RoadKillGrill
    Very misleading title, its not like EA screwing over the customer like Bulletstorm and NFS lacks ANY PC demo.
  • razor512
    It seems that they misspelled The Elder Scrolls, instead they put "RAGE" then put a random non Elder Scrolls photo up.

    Bethesda needs to fix this asap.
  • Trialsking
    Razor512It seems that they misspelled The Elder Scrolls, instead they put "RAGE" then put a random non Elder Scrolls photo up.Bethesda needs to fix this asap.

    LMFAO! you sir are very funny....
  • Stryter
    Why would id ever work on TES? They have always worked on their own IPs. Just because the parent company owns them now doesn't mean they have to work on someone else's game.
  • southernshark
    Yeah I'd rather see id work on FPS games which was always what id worked on, rather than seeing it cannibalized by corporate greed just to turn another upgrade to a parent company's successful product. You might as well have them turn out Madden 2011 for EA.....

    Not everyone is an Elder Scrolls fan (myself included).
  • urlsen
    trialskingLMFAO! you sir are very funny....
    I agree dude!!! they made a misstake there....