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Arduino Adds Realism to Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse Riding

Realistic horse riding in Red Dead Redemption 2
(Image credit: Teenenggr)

We’ve seen microcontroller boards used to play Snake or Pong, but Red Dead Redemption 2? That had seemed out of the tiny boards’ reach, until we spotted a remarkable video from Jatin Patel, AKA Teenenggr. 

In it, Patel hooks up air cylinders to his desk and programs a microcontroller, an Arduino in this case, but it could easily have been a Raspberry Pi Pico, to match the horse’s gait and take the noble steed's speed from the game via a serial link.

There’s nearly an expensive accident during testing, but after carefully taping his monitor to his desktop, he sets his new pneumatic horse loose in the snows of RDR2. The video is well worth watching for the hilarious moment his desk comes alive.

If you want to create your own equine escape simulator, Patel has placed a tutorial on his site, there’s code on GitHub, and a roll of Duck Tape is less than $6. The highest cost in this project are pneumatics used to simulate the horse. Patel has form in this area, having previously created a desktop rumble solution, and a sniper recoil replicator. We’re surprised he’s still got a desk.