Supposed AMD Radeon HD 8970 XT Photographed

A photograph and specification sheet of the unannounced AMD Radeon HD 8970 XT has surfaced on the one and only 4Chan (thus, everything below should be taken with a veritable bucket of salt). The card appears to feature a cut-down version of the Radeon HD 7990’s cooling design that curiously seems to have left between 1/4 and 1/3 uncovered by the two cooling fans.

Also evident from the photo are two CrossFireX goldfingers that will presumably allow up to four HD 8970 XTs to be connected simultaneously and an 8-pin and 6-pin power connector.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Radeon HD 7970Radeon HD 8970 XT
Core Architecture28 nm Tahiti XT28 nm Curacao XT
Base Clock925 MHz1000 MHz
Stream Processors20482304
Raster Operators3248
Memory3 GB GDDR53 GB GDDR5
Memory Bus384-bit384-bit
TDP210 W250 W
Launch Price$549$549

Though the photograph doesn’t show any obvious signs of fabrication and the specification sheet is certainly reasonable, 4Chan isn’t exactly the most reputable source. We will be waiting for an official confirmation before we give it further consideration.

  • ojas
    True, spec sheet is reasonable. Not sure they'd call it the 8970 XT though, just the 8970.
  • brandonjclark
    Can't wait!
  • outlw6669
    Not really that much of an improvement if these specs are accurate.
    Hard to believe they would spend all the time engineering and validating a new chip for such a minor bump.
  • catswold
    I am surprised at the level of improvement over the 7970--only about a 14% increase in processors--seems pretty modest to me. Saving the big guns for the 9XXX series?
  • cmartin011
    Yay! 8970 news lets hope its false lol
  • unknown9122
    The non-centered coolers are bothering me lol.
  • unknown9122
    The non-centered coolers are bothering me lol.
  • TheCapulet
    There could be IPC improvements that we can't see on paper. But realistically, this is all speculation anyways at this point. Lets not get excited over something that was spewed out of 4chan.
  • ddpruitt
    Tom's is reporting on rumors from 4chan!
    May as well just guess!!
  • Kamen_BG
    If this holds true then, sadly, AMD won't have a GTX 780 competitor.