Razer Unveils Deathstalker Ultimate Keyboard With Switchblade Interface

Back when Razer first announced the Razer Blade gaming laptop, many gamers were unhappy with the price and the specs of the device, but the Razer Switchblade User Interface was certainly enticing. Luckily for anybody deterred by the Blade's price and hardware, the company is now offering its Switchblade interface its newest keyboard, the DeathStalker Ultimate.

With ten fully customizable tactile keys with dynamic displays and a separate 4.05" LCD touch screen, the DeathStalker Ultimate takes everything we love from the Razer Blade and puts it right in the numpad area of your keyboard. Like the laptop, the LCD panel also features track pad and customizable gesture support for secondary mouse input.

In addition to the Switchblade features, the keyboard comes with: chiclet style key caps, tri-color led backlighting, 1000Hz ultrapollling, anti-ghosting, braided cable, five additional macro keys and a dedicated gaming mode. With a price tag of $250, the Deathstalker Ultimate is definitely one of the pricier gaming keyboards out there, but at least it isn't as expensive as the Optimus Popularis

If you're a killer fan of the Razer Switchblade interface, the Deathstalker Ultimate could definitely be a worthwhile investment, but we're pretty sure the lack of mechanical keys may be a deal breaker for many. Shipping in September, the Deathstalker Ultimate may be the first gaming keyboard with an interface like this, but Roccat is gearing up to debut its Power Grid peripherals in a matter of days at this year's Gamescom.

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Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Part of me says "WANT WANT WANT!!" and then the realistic part of me pulls me back to say that I will honestly never use the Switchblade interface on a desktop, no matter how cool it is.

    Also... no mechanical keys? Common now...
  • internetlad
    Yuck. Keep your scissor switches.

    Also, I'm noticing that every company and their dog are coming out with mech/fancy keyboards now. It's gone past the point where it was cool that they were becoming popular to where every kid thinks they needs a LEET MX BLUE GAMING KEYBOARD TO GIVE THEM THE COMPETITIVE EDGE!

    I remember only a handful of "Gamer" keyboards in the past and those all seemed to use rubber domes, and would entice people with blinky lights, macro keys, and/or LCD screens. IMO if you're looking for a budget gaming keyboard, grab a CM with reds for 60 bucks and you're good to go.
  • inerax
    I think i like it a bit. But i do not like how much useless key board is from the space bar to the end of the keyboard. I dont like resting my hands on the board. I would rather have a very thin board that ends after the space bar.
  • thety6on
    I don't understand why Razer keeps marketing their garbage keyboards as "gaming". This one isn't even mechanical and their supposed top rated "gaming" keyboard uses cherry blues. Cherry effin blues.
  • Anomalyx
    Although I'd like a keyboard with a trackpad built-in (HTPC keyboard), $250 for this thing is an Apple-style ripoff. Low quality of build, lots of marketing, a high price, and people will only buy it for the name. Razer is on the same level as Monster cables and Apple in my book.

    My gaming keyboard = cheap Logitech keyboard. My next one will be, too.
  • Hellbound
    Gimmicky product.. I need a number pad..
  • A Bad Day
    The only fancy feature I'm looking for is a cooling/self-cleaning keyboard.

    Yes, My hands sweat a lot, especially while gaming.
  • whimseh
    I thought I had ad-block on... hmm..
  • zeek the geek
    Aww, they put their switch blade on the wrong side, how am I supposed to move around and use my mouse as the same time I want to cast skills? Large jump for my left hand..
  • Cantisque
    For that price, Mad Catz new keyboard seems more appealing.