Apple Opens eBay Store with Refurbished Products

If you're considering a used MacBook (or iPod, or any other Apple product), you might do well to check out eBay, which apparently has it's very own Apple-run refurb store. 9to5 Mac reports that the store, named only as "Refurbished Outlet," is a trial run by Apple and the products offered come with all kinds of perks you wouldn't get buying from a private seller. These include a one year warranty, a fresh battery in iPads/iPods, a re-install of the original OS, repackaging complete with manual and cable, like-new condition, complete burn-in testing, and a final quality inspection by Apple. The prices match refurbished models sold through Apple's own website.


Though Apple has not confirmed that the store is run by Cupertino, 9to5 Mac seems to have gotten confirmation from someone, noting only that nobody on eBay would go on the record with a confirmation. The site noticed the store a few weeks back and has been speculating about its existence ever since. They believe it's an experiment so there's no telling how long it will last, or if it will lead to bigger and better things. For now, head on over to the store and check out what's on offer for yourself.

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  • abbadon_34
    all those people "donating" their old phones ... guess where they endup the fine print
  • fuzzion
    AAPL may sell really over priced toys but when it comes to product exchanges, they do so under 5 mins.
  • dimar
    Clicking on New iPad (3rd Generation), takes to refurbished ipads. Looks like scam to me.
  • A Bad Day
    a fresh battery in iPads/iPods

    I don't think that's going to be possible without some added expenses to the customer. Batteries glued to the interior of the case is a tad more difficult to remove than popping them out.
  • blakbird24
    This is very un-Apple. If it's for real then i'm impressed. Although it is sorta silly because customers will be buying used Macs at prices they would pay for NEW anything else...and that's just to have old hardware in a pretty case.
  • bebangs
    dont have the ego to promote and resell from apple store? like what blakbird24 said - this is so un-apple.
  • adgjlsfhk
    It's not Zak!
  • vaughn2k
    ... and they're selling it almost the same price of buying a new one...
  • grit5
    vaughn2k... and they're selling it almost the same price of buying a new one...
    Because they come with a 1 year warranty and the option to extend to a 3 year warranty. Same as a new product
  • These refurbished macbook pros are about the same or more expensive priced than with the education discount at my university for new.