OCZ RevoDrive Combines SSDs in RAID via PCI-E

OCZ Technology today revealed it's new RevoDrive PCI-Express SSD, which crams two SandForce-equipped MLC NAND SSDs--configured for a RAID 0 array--onto a single PCB. The company claims that it moves beyond the bottleneck of SATA II (3 Gbps) by incorporating a 4x PCI-E interface. The result is a solution that cranks out speeds over 500 MB/s reads and random small writes of up to 80,000 IOPS.

So, will this new RevoDrive come cheap? You know it won't. OCZ will initially offer two flavors--120 GB and 240 GB capacities, costing $389.99 and $699.99 respectively. Both versions will also be bootable, promising quicker boot-ups, load times, and faster computing. Unlike HDDs, the RevoDrive is quiet, a lot cooler, and more energy efficient than its clunky, mechanical counterparts.

"The RevoDrive is the first PCIe SSD that delivers both performance and affordability and radically alters the SSD landscape," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group. "Up to this point, PCIe SSDs have been reserved for enterprise applications and priced out of the range of many consumers. The bootable RevoDrive SSD changes the game by delivering a PCIe based solution that costs as low as $3 per gigabyte, exceptional small file write IOPS of over 80K, which is the most available in any low-cost solution."

Both are available for purchase, however Amazon lists them with prices quite a bit higher than what OCZ indicated. For the 120 GB version, the price is $459.20 and is currently listed as "out of stock." The 240 GB SSD pricetag is even scarier: $806.40 and also listed as "out of stock." Neither TigerDirect nor Newegg--both specified as OCZ online retailers--had the SSDs listed.

  • sliem
    Ease up on the speed... how about lower the price per GB :).
  • LazyGarfield
    On Thursday I have bought an OCZ Vertex. I had to bring it back because the Bios recognized it but it never appeared in Windows. The dealer checked it... controller dead. He gave me another one and I asked him to test it before I go home with it. So he did and guess what... controller of the drive dead.

    Thats a 2 out of 2 so guess what I´ll never buy again... OCZ-SSD´s ;)

    Imho SSD´s are nowhere close to being reliable and a raid would just double the chance to lose your data. Ok you can make a copy of the raid´s data but it´s still not worth it at this price tag.
  • figgus
    I have a 2nd generation Intel X25m 80g and it has been fantastic. Intel, at least, makes some great drives.
  • jacobdrj
    Are any drives reliable enough for striping? If you are so worried, use RAID-5... But to say they are so much less reliable despite not having any moving parts and having insanely long MTBFs (Mean Time Before Failures) it seems silly to harp on anything other than their price and the fact that in the rare event of a catastrophic failure without backup (which is not the drive's fault per se as any drive can unexpectedly fail) it is harder to retrieve said data from flash than from magnetic storage...
  • polly the parrot
    Okay now I feel bad about still having a hard drive...
  • Pyroflea
    That's not really too bad of prices. It's ridiculously high, don't get me wrong, but comparing it to buying a pair of SSD's, it's not that far fetched when you compare speeds.
  • warmon6
    kinda slow toms? i saw this on anandtech a few days ago.
  • falchard
    Cheaper Z-Drive.
  • joytech22
    Wow, this drive would work wonders as a boot drive, but since i already have a SSD for boot drive, i could use it for my steam install! :D
  • geofry
    Work on that price point a little more guys and you have a winner!

    I have a pair of orange SSDs from OCZ, and love them. Not too many upgrades these days blow your hair back after an install. A pair of SSD drives in RAID 0 is one of them. 500mbps is even faster than that for all but the latest releases! Prety cool!

    I'm interested to see how long it takes before we end up with MBs with SSD chips built into them.