Biostar FM2 Motherboards Now Support AMD Richland APUs

AMD's "Richland" APUs might not be arriving until June 2013, but Biostar has nonetheless decided to release a driver and BIOS update on its website that will ensure its full range of FM2 socket motherboards will be fully compatible with the upcoming next-generation chips.

As we have noted earlier, Richland will initially come to the market with four SKUs: the A10-5750M, A8-5550M, A6-5350M and the A4-5150M.

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APUCoresClock (Max/Base)TDP (W)L2 CacheGPUGPU Clocks (Max/Base)DDR3
A10-5750M43.5 GHz / 2.5 GHz354 MBHD 8650G720 MHz / 533 MHzDDR3-1866DDR3L-1600 DDR3U-1333
A8-5550M43.1 GHz / 2.1 GHz354 MBHD 8550G720 MHz / 515 MHzDDR3-1600DDR3L-1600 DDR3U-1333
A6-5350M23.5 GHz / 2.9 GHz351 MBHD 8450G720 MHz / 533 MHzDDR3-1600DDR3L-1600 DDR3U-1333
A4-5150M23.3 GHz / 2.7 GHz351 MBHD 8350G720 MHz / 514 MHzDDR3-1600DDR3L-1600 DDR3U-1333
  • firefoxx04
    When I built my fm2 desktop I went with the cheapest chip I could (A4) just so i could get one of the new A10s. Hopefully it is worth the wait.
  • slomo4sho
    Looking forward to the benchmarks for this generation. Although, I am not sure why you decide to mention the laptop SKUs in this article as those chips don't even pertain to this headline.
  • Wisecracker
    Not sure what all the mobile stuff is about ....


  • sonofliberty08
    looks nice for 35w quad core with radeon hd 8650 on die
  • Wisecracker
    I believe that's 65w :) But, you are more correct than you realize :lol:

    I've got a 65w A10-5700, and under 100% load it seldom wanders past 41-42w.

  • suyash swarnkar
    computer ke jaankari chaiye