Report: Intel 9-Series Will Feature 10-16 Gb/s SATA Express

While Intel is still a little ways away from launching the Haswell series of CPUs and their chipsets, information has already surfaced about the 9-Series chipset, the chipset that will be released accordingly with the successor to the Haswell CPUs, the Broadwell CPUs.

What is known is that the Broadwell CPUs will also drop into the LGA1150 socket, just like the upcoming Haswell CPUs. From the information that has emerged, the 9-Series chipsets will come in two versions: the Z97, aimed at enthusiasts and power users; and the H97, aimed at the mainstream consumer. The systems will support both Haswell and Broadwell CPUs, making the transition from Haswell to Broadwell look remarkably similar as that from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge.

What's most remarkable about the 9-Series chipsets is that they will feature the upcoming SATA Express standard. While there is no information about how many of these connectors the 9-Series boards will have, it is definitely a warmly welcomed upgrade seen as modern SSDs are not far away from saturating the SATA3 standard.

The SATA Express standard will feature a bandwidth from 10 to 16 Gb/s.

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  • amuffin
  • greghome
    So, is DDR4 coming to consumer motherboards on Hashwell, Haswell Shrink or Hashwell successor ?
  • ojas
    LMAO now i want to wait for Broadwell :D

    But idk. Probably the only thing that'll make me stop with a Haswell purchase is DDR4 support for Broadwell, but i don't think that's happening. Not buying before december, so should have more details on the 9-series by then.