Patriot Memory Bringing Out Ultrabook Memory

On Wednesday, Patriot Memory introduced its new Memory For Ultrabook SODIMM modules, providing customers with a "no hassle option" to manually upgrade their Ultrabook-class laptop. These modules, scheduled to hit the market later this month, will be compatible with Intel's 3rd-generation Core processors and run at just 1.35 volts.

Patriot said these new Ultrabook-focused 204-Pin dual in-line memory modules are built from a locked high quality build of materials and hand tested offering consumers rock-solid plug and play performance for the most demanding mobile applications. They will be available in 4 GB and 8 GB modules and 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz frequencies.

So far actual pricing and availability is unknown, but the modules will be backed by a limited lifetime warranty and customer support when they arrive late this month.


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  • beenthere
    So Patriot expects people foolish enough to buy an Ultrabook, to spend more money on RAM? Really? Good luck with that theory nd marketing concept.
  • huggles12
    I thought the Memory in most ultrabooks were soldered in?
  • InvalidError
    "hand-tested"? lol.

    A truly manual test would involve breadboards and DIP switches with horrendous human error factor. Memtest86 or ASIC/FPGA-driven testbeds count as heavily automated in my book even if the DIMM swapping itself is "entirely" manual.