Super Talent Launches Affordable 800 MHz FB-DIMM Memory

San Jose (CA) - In a bid to win hearts, minds and pockets of FB-DIMM users such as Intel V8, Skulltrail or Mac Pro users, Super Talent launched new FB-DIMM modules working at DDR2-800 speeds.

T800FB1G is a FB-DIMM DDR2-800 module designed to work in PC-based FB-DIMM environments, pairing with either Core 2 Extreme processors (Skulltrail) or Xeons in various workstations. The T800FB1GAP is a module for Mac Pro systems. Validation for both was done on Supermicro motherboards in Super Talent Compatibility Labs, while GAP modules endured another round of tests in Apple Validation Labs, to get the Apple-friendly certification.

What makes these modules extremely interesting is the price itself. Even though the estimated price for both Intel Skulltrail and Mac Pro is just above 50 USD, company did not risk with the build quality. Unlike regular DDR memory, raising up the clock on FB-DIMMs required some heavy engineering, so the PCB had to go through a hefty redesign, new AMB chip and of course, faster memory chips.

Given the low price, don’t expect CAS latency of 3 or 4 - these modules are rated at CAS 5. As an end note, all of the modules are built here in Silicon Valley, in Super Talent’s facility just between Interstates 680 and 880.