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SandForce Random BSOD Firmware Bug Identified, Fixed

OCZ and SandForce don't provide many details on the root cause of the issue, except to state is was a bug in the firmware that caused "a rare condition that may cause Windows Blue Screen." OCZ has been testing the new firmware for several weeks and has finally released it for public use (look for other manufacturers to quickly follow with their firmware updates). The new firmware is version 2.15 for OCZ drives and 3.3.2 for drives that utilize SandForce's standard numbering. As with any firmware update, users should back up all vital data before proceeding with the update.

OCZ sent along its official statement: 

OCZ is pleased to announce that the cause of a BSOD issue experienced by some SF-2000-based drive owners has been identified by OCZ and SandForce. A new firmware update which directly addresses this BSOD occurrence related to SF-2000 based SSDs is available here. All newly manufactured OCZ SF-2000 based SSDs will feature the new 2.15 firmware revision (which is based on SandForce firmware version 3.3.2.) We highly recommend that any customers that have experienced the BSOD issue update their firmware to 2.15.We sincerely appreciate the support from our customers, and if any customers have any questions or require additional support please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.

Source: OCZ and Release Notes.

Does this firmware update bring more confidence to those who have been afraid to purchase a SandForce SF-2200 controller or are you going to take a wait-and-see approach?