Tom's Guide: 10 Smartphone Calendar App Alternatives

Keeping track of your appointments and all of the different events in your life is no easy task. Thankfully, electronic devices make this a little easier than simply writing everything down on a physical calendar. Tom's Guide has put together a list of apps that allow you to keep track of the days, weeks, and months, as well as all the things you've got planned. Check them out in '10 Smartphone Calendar App Alternatives.'

We're well into December, and the hectic holiday months are making way for a fresh start to the new year. What better way to prepare for all the new potential 2013 might bring than to get your personal calendar organized? The default Android and iOS calendars are more than serviceable already, but users looking for a little bit more might want to check out these 10 calendar app alternatives for their Android or iOS device.10 Smartphone Calendar App Alternatives

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