LSI Sampling 1,500MB/s PCIe SSS Cards

LSI announced on Thursday that it is currently sampling to OEMs a PCIe-based solid-state storage solution that has a bandwidth of 1,500 MB/s sustained sequential I/O and 1,200MB/s sustained random I/O, regardless of the read/write mix. Called the LSISSS6200 PCIe SSS, LSI is targeting enterprise servers that require fast data access.

In addition to low latency and a low CPU burden, the SSS delivers up to 200,000 4K sequential I/Os per second (IOPS), and up to 150,000 4K random IOPS. It also offers up to 300GB of storage can be configured in a single PCIe slot with no external power requirement. LSI also said that the SSS makes use of industry-standard drivers that support all major operating systems and enable OEMs to achieve a faster time to market.

"The new LSISSS6200 card utilizes the industry's most widely deployed software stack to deliver an enterprise-capable, drop-in storage solution," said Steve Fingerhut, senior director of marketing, Storage Components Division, LSI. "Providing customers with a new tier of storage between system memory and low-cost disk drives, without sacrificing reliability or simplicity, PCIe-based SSS solutions represent the next evolution in storage architectures for market segments requiring extreme performance."

Currently LSI has not revealed pricing or availability of this product.

  • gwolfman
    Is it bootable??? Even though I can't afford it, I'd hope so.
  • SpadeM
    gwolfmanIs it bootable??? Even though I can't afford it, I'd hope so.It's not and it doesn't need to be in a server envirnment
  • mrhappy50
  • zelog
    But don't we have PCIe add-on cards for regular hard drives? Why not just fake the interface on one of these and make it bootable?
  • micky_lund
    bet its cheap
    I wonder if it'll work with Windows XP (see article on IE9). It probably won't, considering most computers with XP are generally older and won't be able to handle such load. Really though, what's the point of having that kind of speed unless you're only accessing computers on the same network? ISPs don't offer that speed. Google's Dark Fiber won't, either...assuming they do get into the business.
  • JohnnyLucky
    "PCIe-based solid-state storage solution"

    Does that mean it is an ssd on a PCI-e card?
  • mister g
    Yes, though I don't know why you'd want to use it since a typical mobo has at least 4 SATA ports anyway. Use it for a graphics card instead.
  • zoemayne
    Current PCIe SSS's are over $10,000 so expect this type of performance to be well over $10,000.
  • Hupiscratch
    Is this product in the same class as the Fusion-io drives?