Tom's Guide: Sony Console Emulators for Desktop PCs

We may be looking to the future and the PS4 as far as the PlayStation brand is concerned, but the original PlayStation will always hold a special place in our hearts and though it's nearly 20 years since the PlayStation was introduced, it hasn't quite played itself out as far as we're concerned. Still, that hardware isn't exactly readily available anymore, so you may be forced to seek alternative ways of playing your old games. Be sure to head over to Tom's Guide and check out the team's guide to Sony emulators.

We continue our series on console emulation with a look at some emulators for Sony's Playstation family of gaming consoles. Spawned from a failed collaboration between Sony and Nintendo, Sony's Playstation line has since emerged as the dominant console gaming platform for more than a decade, only recently being challenged by Microsoft's Xbox family of devices. Read on for our picks of some of the best emulators of the Playstation 1 and 2.Sony Console Emulators for Desktop PCs

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  • ricdiculus
    Still got my old trusty ps1. the only console I modded ( chipped to play import/backups) and it still works.
  • cohetedor
    Your initial point about the hardware not being available anymore is completely false. Every generation of Sony hardware PS 1, 2, and 3 can play every ps1 game. The removal of ps2 compatibility in the ps3 did not take away the ability to play ps1 games.
  • stephenkendrick
    But what about attaching PS2 controllers to a PC? I appreciate that an adapter would be required, but do these differ? Which adapters are supported by which emulators? Will the adapters also support the early (non-USB) Guitar Hero controllers? Would be great to get rid of the PS2 under my media center PC, replacing it with an emulator.