Developer Brings StarCraft II Controller to iPhone

There are thousands of developers making applications for the App Store, and a lot of the stuff they produce is complete rubbish. Only a small fraction of the apps available are news worthy, and an even smaller portion is news worthy before they're even available. However, one unusual app has made headlines before it's even finished.

Developer Daniel Hellerman is currently developing an application that will allow iPhone and iPad owners to control StarCraft II with their smartphone or tablet. Dubbed the StarCraft II Gameboard, the application lets you remotely control your game and includes mini-map control, detailed unit statistics, and access to the game's important hotkeys and macros.

The application only works when synced to a program on your game's PC, and TUAW reports that this program is Windows only so Mac users won't be able to make use of it unless they're running Windows via Boot Camp. Hellerman says the app is due out in September, but there's a chance Blizzard will put a stop to it before then.

  • Ch33ky
    Well the app itself
    is pretty
    neat. I just don't
    necessarily see any usefulness for
    ever wanting to use the app when you'll
    really need a mouse anyway, and your keyboard is right there too
  • drutort
  • if they can get latency similar if just slightly slower then a keyboard it'll be awesome, kind of like an interactive auxiliary display, micro-management on a whole new level....
  • Cons29
    i dont think this will be useful. with the size of that screen? and since your pc is powered up already why use a phone?

    how ironic, an app for iphone but will only work on windows :)
    besides i dont think you'll be able to see any action.
  • proxy711
    I think it will be more useful then you guys make it out to be. The fact however is blizzard will likely block it and also you need an iphone or ipad to use it.
  • volt-aire
    Like most iphone apps, it will be a thing you think is pretty cool that you try once, enjoy, show all your friends, enjoy their gleeful cries, and then forget about. You spend $2 on it so you got your money's worth, the dev makes a ton of money, and everyone is happy.

    I don't think anyone would seriously consider this over a mouse/keyboard, as it would be replacing the keyboard and you cannot cram nearly as much functionality, with nearly as much rapid accessibility, onto that little screen as good ol' qwerty here. It is really neat, though.
  • Cons29
    ill give it a thumbs up when somebody uses it to play online and win a decent game.

    hmn, what if your base is being painted(nuke)?
  • Ciuy
    One day, we will have PCs home and play all the games on a tablet like the iphone, havng a coke on a cold summer on the frikin beach, Call of Duty 10 ...
  • cbrownx88
    Fools. Play with that, a mouse, and a keyboard. Focus on strategy on the screen, use that screen to build!
  • IzzyCraft
    I guess still not as idiotic as playing scrabble on 4 iphones and 1 ipad