Pyramid PC Will Make Stargate Fans Drool

Bit-Tech has an interesting read on how sci-fi fan Henk Hamers built a custom PC based on the Stargate Pyramid. The box isn't just triangular in shape-- it's a highly detailed replica of the space-traveling vessel, decked out with exterior lights, various panels mounted on the ships "hull," and a 5-inch display (yanked from a PSOne) seated behind a moving panel.

"I eventually decided to make a media PC based on a sci-fi theme that could stand in the living room. As my wife is particularly anti-PC with regards to the hordes of cables they usually bring, it had to be something that wouldn't look like a PC. With a Sci-Fi theme in mind, I hoped this wouldn't be too difficult. I finally came up with the idea of a pyramid like those in the movie Stargate."

The article goes into detail on how he crammed the hardware within the triangular chassis. Using a base of 35-cm x 35-cm, he used a COMMELL LV-677 (LGA775 mini-ITX) motherboard, an Intel Dual core T7200 CPU, and Nvidia's GeForce 9400 GT graphics card. For hard drive space, he threw in a 2.5-inch 160 GB HDD. Since there are no external controls, he designed the rig to be accessed by remote.

The initial design wasn't successful. Although there were ventilation holes in the bottom and lower sides, Hamers said that the system overheated and crashed due to a lack of proper ventilation. Hamers resolved the issue by adding additional fans that would blow the hot air out through the bottom of they pyramid. The 5-inch display screen also relays information from the motherboard, displaying CPU activity, temperatures, and more.

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