Super Talent 2 TB SSDs Coming Next Month

Super Talent Technology said earlier today that it's shipping its PCI Express RAIDDrive SSDs in early October. The company chose to use the PCIe Gen. 2.0 x8 interface in order to take advantage of the PCIe's heavy-duty pipeline, providing more than ten times more bandwidth than the SATA-II 3 Gbps bus (and five times more than the upcoming SATA-III bus apparently).

According to the company, the SSDs will come in three flavors: Enterprise, Workstation, and Gamers. All three use Super Talent's super patent pending RAID architecture optimized for NAND flash memory, and offer sequential read speeds of up to 1.4 GB/sec and sequential write speeds up to 1.2 GB/sec. Both the Enterprise and Workstation models feature storage space of up to 1 TB, however the company showed true love for PC gamers, throwing in a hefty 2 TB capacity.

“RAIDDrive SSDs are a quantum leap ahead of existing SSDs in sequential transfer speeds due to our RAID architecture combined with the latest in flash technology and the bandwidth of the PCI Express interface," Super Talent COO, CH Lee said. "RAIDDrive shatters previous storage system bottlenecks and sets a new standard in performance."

Super Talent also said that the OEM pricing for the 1 TB Gamers version will cost a face-slapping $4999. Interested consumers can check out the SSDs during the Intel Developer Forum next week. The RAIDDrive SSDs will be available to OEMs and system integrators next month.

  • ubernoobie
    wow $4999 for a tb of storage in a ssd for gamers?what?I thought most gamers don't spend over 1500 dollars on a rig
  • tsiberious
    Call me when it's $300, until then a couple WD Caviar green drives and a Velociraptor are good enough for me.
  • brendano257
    $5000, an arm, leg, three pay checks and a months worth of food. Awesome, I'll plan my fasting so I can get my new SSD.....when will we finally see acceptable storage, SSD, and reasonable price in the same sentence, when you get that, I'm all ears.
  • Homeboy2
    duh, this isn't a home pc product
  • SlyMaelstrom
    Homeboy2duh, this isn't a home pc productI'm pretty sure the "Gamer" version that costs $5000 is a home product. There isn't really a huge pro-gamer market out there. I don't see much sense in having these in anything but an enterprise server... the through-put is just extreme overkill for any small amount of users, let alone just one.
  • cybrcatter
    There were times when 1GB HDDs cost several thousand dollars.
    Step 1: Mass production.
    Step 2: Significant market penetration
    Step 3: Intense competition
    Step 4: Drop one of these babies in my rig.

    Remember how much LCD TVs were just 3 years ago?
  • dingumf
    face-slapping $4999

    *slaps face*
  • HibyPrime
    I'd be interested to see this up against $5000 worth of regular 2.5" SSDs and a PCIe controller.

    I'm gunna bet on the DIY winning, as usual...
  • Good Lord!

    I'd love to get my hands on a 2 TB model, but sadly, even the 1 TB model is beyond my reach. :(

    But even worse is I know of a large group of people nearby who wouldn't think twice of "Asking Daddy" for the money to buy one of these SSD drives. A nearby college where rich people from all over the world send their kids. These kids don't think twice about throwing expensive stuff out when simple things go wrong instead of getting them fixed. Or when they leave for summer vacation, they just give stuff away and buy new stuff when they get back.

    Not all are like this, but enough of them are.
  • ElectroGoofy
    Hmm.... wonder what the 2TB version will cost? Probably $7,500-$10,000? Would about have to put a mortgage on a house to afford that.