What Swine Flu? Computex Still a Go

One of the bad things about trade shows is that every single thing you touch on the has been pawed and mauled by hundreds of people before you. If you’re attending any big show, you have a good chance of coming home ill. Add a global epidemic to the mix and you’ve got huge problems.

Computex takes place in Taipei annually, playing host to hundreds of venders and entertaining thousands of people. The show costs a lot to put on, and makes enough money for it to carry on year after year. That said, the fate of Computex Taipei 2009 has been hanging in the balance amid speculation that the show may be canceled for fear it would accelerate the spread of H1N1.

Digitimes cites show organizers, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TETDC) and Taipei Computer Association (TCA) as saying the show will go on. The TCA said it will prepare a complete quarantine process at Computex to allow visitors to enjoy the exhibition. The organization boasted that the country has an excellent quarantine system, backing up this claim with the fact that the Taiwan has yet to have a single case of Swine Flu. We somehow doubt Taiwan will be H1N1-free by the time Computex wraps up. Fingers crossed, though.

We’re confident the TCA’s process will be pretty thorough but we’d be bringing gallons of hand santizer and rucksacks of masks anyway.

    LOL the picture is funny

    thank god i played Left 4 dead so if the H1N1 is a zombie infection ill be ready :D
  • tenor77
    This is nothing compared to the zombie infection of '58
  • randomizer
    I wonder if they accounted for the regular flu. You know, the one that way more people die from that isn't over-hyped by fear-mongering TV news readers.
  • Goobles
    We shouldn't live in fear.
  • blasko229
    Hire a couple people with anti-bacterial/virus spray and paper towels
  • chjade84
    300 some cases WORLDWIDE so far. What are the odds that you will bump into one in a show of 270,000 attendees?

    There's about a 1 in 83 chance that someone with H1N1 will be at that show...
  • Grims
    I'm so sick of hearing about this media over hyped flu.
  • chjade84
    ^ LOL, me too. I find it funny now though because the CDC has reversed it's decision about it's severity saying it's "no more deadly than the regular flu". (that's kind of a paraphrase because I don't remember it exactly).

    I was pissed about hearing it when everyone was panicked but I like to hear about it now because it makes all of those same people look like idiots! :)
  • sacre
    "Sigh" Listen, the reason they're making this a big deal is because it is a new strain of Virus that could kill us, and cause a mass pandemic if it mutated the correct way, it mutates every day, so this could happen. Our bodies don't know what this is, if it does become stronger and more serious it could cause a lot of death. This is why its a big deal.

    Yes, a lot of people die from cars, from the Spanish flu, etc. But we have ways to ward those off, drive more carefully and take your flu shot.

    We have to keep aware of this virus, because in 2 months from now you might hear "Swine flu infects 2 million, and rising exponentially. 633,000 deaths so far" and the difference between this, and other sicknesses is that its going to kill 10 million + within 1-2 months. ITs going to shut down schools, work places, etc. Its going to hurt the economy, take a chunk of the population out, which means a LOT of jobs will lose people to work.

    It is dangerous, it will cause damage if it mutates correctly, and is left ignored.
  • LOL! I'm so tired of hearing about the swine flu when millions die from malaria every year. I saw a funny comic about this the other day : http://www.sentient-puddle.com/index.php?comic=63 Kinda goes right along with what "randomizer" was saying.