T-Mobile Announces HD Voice, $4 Billion Investment

During its CES 2013 press conference, T-Mobile confirmed it's launched a HD Voice service, as well as announcing a $4 billion investment for enhancing its network.

The HD Voice service delivers clear calls between parties, which can only work if both participants have a HD Voice device. Such devices currently include the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One S and the Nokia Astound.

As for the $4 billion plan for enhancing its network, the U.S. carrier will launch 4G on the 1900MHz spectrum soon. It's added new coverage to metro markets of Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Virginia Beach.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced unlimited nationwide 4G is now available with no annual contract. It also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is subject to a relaunch soon on its network in order to make it compatible with its forthcoming LTE rollout.

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  • jacobdrj
    Any word if any of these developments have any bearing on or from the metroPCS merger?
  • dimar
    If everybody upgrades to HD voice, it will be funny to hear how science fiction movies in the future have cheap walkie-talkie quality voice communication.
  • rebel1280
    for those not familiar HD Voice and with the difference and want an example, here is a great site:
  • shikamaru31789
    Thats all well and good, but T-Mobile still has 2G speeds in my area, while Sprint and Verizon already have 4G here.
  • internetlad
    No way, a phone carrier is trying to make phone calls sound better?

    Seriously though, with all the "HEY I PLAY ANGRY BIRDS ON MY CELL PHONE DERP" It's due time for a service like this to come out.
  • deftonian
    I'm mainly a texter so I won't really get much benefit out of the HD voice, but hell, it's about time they improve the voice functionality on a phone.
  • HD Voice AKA not-shitty-quality. You'll probably have to pay a premium for it.
  • wiyosaya
    In other words, t-mobile has just justified higher costs for their service.