Nvidia Tegra 4 Will Have 72-Core GPU, Ultra HD Support?

A slide supposedly containing information about Nvidia's Batman-themed Tegra 4 "Wayne" SoC has surfaced, revealing that the chip will sport a 72-core GPU and support Ultra HD video. The slide made its first appearance on the China-based Chiphell forum thanks to a user called Xenomorph.

According to the specs, Nvidia's Tegra 4 may be a quad-core 28-nm chip using the 4-PLUS-1 architecture like the previous Tegra 3 SoC – the +1 is what the company calls the "patented battery-saver core". There's speculation that these cores will be based on ARM's latest Cortex-A15 design although the slide doesn't mention anything about the baseline design.

As previously stated, the processor cores will be partnered with 72 GPU (GeForce) cores that will support a display resolution up to 2560 x 1600 @ 120 Hz. The output rendering will thus be six times that of the current Tegra 3, and twenty times that of the older Tegra 2 chip. The Ultra HD aspect is likely related to the max video output through an HDMI connection.

The slide goes on to reveal that the Wayne SoC will support DDR3L, LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 dual channel memory, USB 3.0, and security features like HDCP, Secure Boot and DRM. ZDNet points out that Apple's current A6X SoC which powers the new iPad 4 is around 4 times faster than the Tegra 3, so this new Wayne chip should put the heat on Apple when it makes a likely appearance next month during CES 2013.

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  • house70
    "ZDNet points out that Apple's current A6X SoC which powers the new iPad 4 is around 4 times faster than the Tegra 3"

    link to benchmarks?
  • slob
    house 70, its a pretty well known fact that Apple's A6x is the fastest SOC on the market right now.

  • come on nvidia, show apple whos boss, i know you can do it
  • freggo
    Cool, Tegra 4 article with a photo of a Tegra 3 chip :-)

  • Estix
    "...security features like HDCP and DRM..."

    No, Nvidia, those aren't security features...
  • game junky
    Sounds pretty ba - I am interested to see it running in a device with that kind of native screen resolution.
  • cats_Paw
    When a tablet can play my PC games ill get one. Till then, i pass.
  • -Fran-
    Looks good on paper. Hope it's not too late and triumphs over Exynos 5 and Krait (S4).

  • kawininjazx
    The Tegra 3 is a decent chip, but it was disappointing when they talk about Quad Core CPUs and Twelve Core GPUs blah blah blah.

    It seems my Galaxy S3 dual core can smoke my Nexus 7. And with that, I hope they start packing 2GB RAM into the new Tegra 4 devices.
  • lengcaifai
    it seems that tegra always is the weakest when compared to competitiors, example tegra2 vs snapdragon scorpio, dual core exynos, and tegra3 vs krait, quad core exynos etc...

    lets see how its 2nd gen quad core fares...