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Nvidia Confirms Tegra's 'Superhero' Roadmap

All things D has brought a lot of mobile news, the biggest being the arrival of the newest Nexus handset along with Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Today in Hong Kong, Nvidia did a little revealing of its own, as the company's CEO revealed a few details of its Tegra roadmap.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang today sat down for an interview with Walt Mossberg and during his talk confirmed that the next generation range of Tegra chips is already being produced internally. Aside from Kal-El, which we've already heard plenty about, the company is working on several new chips with the superhero inspired codenames of Wayne, Logan and Stark. With Stark we should see the first taste of Nvidia's exciting Project Denver.

While Jen-Hsun did confirm that Nvidia is currently producing all three, don't get too excited. These chips are still a long way off. Huang said that it's necessary to work on three at once because they take years to develop and they want to have a new one Tegra each year.

So when will we see the next Tegra? Well, as we've heard numerous times before, Kal-El is the next Tegra chip (or Tegra 3), and will be a quad-core affair. Asus this week showed off a quad-core tablet dubbed the Eee Pad Transformer Prime that is supposedly coming out in November. Engadget reports that when asked if it will be Tegra-powered, Nvidia's Jen-Hsun responded 'probably.' Exciting stuff, eh?