Report: Nvidia Working on Second GK110 Consumer GPU

SweClockers claim that a source shows that Nvidia is planning to build a second GK110 consumer graphics card. Currently, the GK110 is only available in the GTX Titan as a consumer graphics card, but it costs about $900, which is a bit steep for most folks.

Due to the price difference, it seems Nvidia wants to bridge the gap between the GTX 680 and the GTX Titan or GTX 690. To pull this off, it seems the most affordable way to do this is to take a GK110 GPU and disable two of the fifteen SMX-units.

As a result of disabling two of the fifteen SMX units, a still massive 2496 CUDA cores remain. Users could still find 208 texture memory units, 40 ROPs, and a 320-bit memory bus that drives 5 GB of GDDR5 memory.

We don't know what the card will be called yet, so let us know if you have any inspiration regarding the cards naming.

As mentioned, the price of the new card will be between the GTX 680 and the GTX Titan or GTX 690. Regarding availability, the source says we can expect it around July or August.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • ipwn3r456
    Uhh, $900 for a Titan? Cool where can I find a new one for that much?
  • Deeks
    i am really just waiting for 780gtx with same performance as titan for half the price!
  • vmem
    why are Nvidia making more of these and charging more insane prices? all they gotta do is lower the prices on their GTX 600 series a little bit and work on Maxwell geez...
  • s3anister
    We don't know what the card will be called yet, so let us know if you have any inspiration regarding the cards naming.
    I call it, Overpriced.
  • DRosencraft
    Yeah, unless they're planning something even more amazing for the 700 series, I don't see why they don't just sit on this a little longer and roll it into that newer series, instead of these weird, confused, half-baked attempts. This will only up the ante for the 700 series, which isn't itself bad so long as they can deliver on those expectations.
    unless ATI got new line up, there no reason for nvidia lower their price.
  • Phillip Bulmer
    The GTX685 and half 'Mini Me' edition ?
  • dgingeri
    Well, maybe to go along with the "Titan" naming scheme, this one will be called "Demigod."
  • battlecrymoderngearsolid
    Nvidia should Rename the Titan as the Nvidia Titan Ultra!

    Then, this could be the $599 Nvidia Titan GTX
    Then, They should release a $499 Nvidia Titan GTS
    Then, A Repeat of the legendary 8800GT, a Titan GT for $399
    Then, Release a $299 Titan GS
    Then, Rename the GTX 670 and lower it's price to $249 as something like a Titan Mini... take advantage of that short PCB

    There, a Lineup that makes sense! and badass naming!

    Then we can wait a Nvidia Zeus or Nvidia Olympus series!

    Just no Nvidia Jesus series please...
  • ashesofempires04
    I'd bet that the reason why they don't use GK110 as their 700 series, is because it's not particularly efficient, it suffers from yield issues due to the complexity, and AMD and nVidia are both realizing that throwing more SMX units isn't necessarily faster. The Titan isn't a newer, more efficient architecture, it's Kepler with near double the SMX units that the 680 has. When you compare Titan with a 690 (or 680's in SLI) the only real benefit is less micro-stuttering (a common drawback to SLI or Crossfire).

    These new Titan-derivatives are only being released because nVidia is trying to use the chips that failed the binning process that would have put them into a Tesla or Titan GPU.