The Official Tom's Hardware Guide Android Apps are Here!

We've had an iOS app for quite a while now, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback from users that love to read the site when they're on the go. However, we also know that not all of our readers are iOS users. Many of you are rocking one of the countless Android phones available today. To that end, we recently launched a Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide application on the Android Market.

This first version is a news-reader only, using the same feed available on the current iOS apps. Check it out on the Android Market and let us know what you think!

You can download the Tom's Hardware app here, and the Tom's Guide App here.

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  • zorky9
    Please launch an app with Jane's columns only.
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  • rubix_1011
    Good first start- please integrate a mobile forum interface, as well...this would be incredibly helpful.
  • zorky9
    Please launch an app with Jane's columns only.
  • greenrider02
    Requirements: Full internet connection.

    Thank you for not being like other App devs who need full control over my phone to do anything at all.

    Seriously, it's like these people think I don't know they're keeping track of my location and the other sh1t I install and do.