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Report: Touchscreens to Become a Standard Specification for 3rd Generation Intel Ultrabooks

According to DigiTimes' "sources from the upstream supply chain," Intel has decided to make touchscreens a standard specification for all third generation ultrabooks that are expected to arrive following the release of the Haswell range of processors.

Though Windows 8 certainly benefits from a touch interface, Intel's decision to mandate its inclusion seems unwise given the continuing shortage of touch panels, increasing DRAM prices and Intel's rumored Haswell price hike. These factors, when combined, are expected to increase costs by $70 to $80 per unit.

The unnamed sources further added that despite Intel's 20 percent increase in marketing subsidies and promises to its partners a smooth supply for "key components," they believe that this strategy will greatly shrink ODM profits and not benefit the overall business of Intel's partners.

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