Behold: Here Are The First Unreal Engine 4 Screens

Wired has an extremely lengthy piece about Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4, and the first public screens taken from the Demon Knight demo previously shown to developers in March at the Games Developers Conference. This demo was reportedly built by a team of 14 engineers over a period of three months.

"I had sleepless nights over this damn thing in the beginning, but I think we got the disasters out of the way," art director Chris Perna told Wired.

According to the report, the fourth-gen Unreal Engine will likely make Microsoft and Sony rethink how much horsepower they'll need for their next-generation hardware. "It will streamline game development, allowing studios to do in 12 months what can take two years or more today. And most important, it will make the video games that have defined the past decade look like puppet shows," Wired writes.

"There is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of our engine team and our studio to drag this industry into the next generation," says Cliff Bleszinski, Epic’s design director. "It is up to Epic, and Tim Sweeney in particular, to motivate Sony and Microsoft not to phone in what these next consoles are going to be. It needs to be a quantum leap. They need to damn near render Avatar in real time, because I want it and gamers want it—even if they don’t know they want it."

Bleszinski indicated that Epic has seen the specs of proposed new consoles and is actively lobbying for them to be more powerful. The studio reportedly started its next-gen crusade by re-introducing the UE3-powered Samaritan demo using a new set of specialized plug-ins and running on three then-high-end graphics cards. The "upgrade" and hardware enabled the engine to render realistic clothing, lifelike lighting, and highly detailed facial expressions flawlessly.

"We used it as an opportunity to make a point to the developers," Sweeney says. "'We want 10 times more power; here’s what we can do with it.'"

Wired reports that the new Unreal Engine 4 demo used a single Kepler GTX 680 GPU from Nvidia. The public will finally get a glimpse this June at E3 2012 -- likely the very Demon Knight demo shown behind closed doors just months prior. Gamers and developers alike are expected to wet their pants.

"Epic has redefined gaming before, and with Unreal 4 the company is doing it again," Wired writes.

To see the entire Unreal Engine 4 gallery, head here.

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  • felipetga
    Damn, it seem my trusty GTX460 1GB, and my Q9550 at 3.8ghz have just gotten old!
    Too bad the XBOX 720 won't have the ability to play a game with Unreal Engine 4. :(
  • DRosencraft
    While it's nice to see a new game engine and it is promising in terms of graphics, when I look at the gaming industry right now i don't see graphics being the problem. I know that particularly with the crowd here on Tom's the level of graphical performance is a big deal, when I look at gaming I see a lack of quality games. Most games don't have a problem with whether it's on PC or console. The basic problem is that games are in general fewer in number and less interesting. A game can be running Unreal 4 with a COre i7 and quad SLI GTX 690s, but if the story and gameplay aren't there it's not much. That's why I tend to stay ou tof the platform wars, because in the end a good game is a good game. That's why some games that are five, ten years old or more can be dusted off and pulled out to play even if compared to modern games their visuals are horrid. So, congratulations on the new engine, and it looks to be pretty good, but I'd settle for quality products using existing capabilities. I feel like more and more the visual fluff is getting promoted while games are becoming shorter and less entertaining. :pfff:
  • Other Comments
  • felipetga
    Damn, it seem my trusty GTX460 1GB, and my Q9550 at 3.8ghz have just gotten old!
  • jessterman21
    Whoa, Diablo 4!
  • whimseh
    felipetgaDamn, it seem my trusty GTX460 1GB, and my Q9550 at 3.8ghz have just gotten old!

    ..........Those are already old.